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Total Immersion

Total Inmersion

The AMAUTA Intensive Total Immersion Program is specially designed for people who want to learn Spanish very quickly, particularly for employment purposes. Language barriers can be an impediment in business, and the most effective way to overcome these barriers is with a tailor-made course in a country where Spanish is the primary language. This program is based on a total immersion model. You will study Spanish with a private teacher in the morning followed by lunch with your teacher to practice conversation skills. Following lunch, the afternoon will be spent visiting the city while you practice your Spanish.

If you enroll in the Total Immersion Program for professional reasons, we will do our best to match your learning needs with a teacher from a similar professional background. Not only will your hand-picked instructor teach you terminology specific to your needs, but they can also give you an overview of that specific profession in our country. Since Spanish classes are individualized, the program content will be adapted to your personal needs and learning goals. We will create a personal study program for you to maximize your study time. Special attention will be given to cultural differences between the western world and Latin America.

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