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Latin American Literature in Spanish

Literatura Latino Americana

Latin American Literature became quiet famous during the sixties, when the Magical Realism of authors as Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia, 1928) and Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru) published their most well known books. Especially Cien Años de Soledad (Hundred Years of Solitude, 1967) became world famous and has been translated in several languages. He got the Nobel Price for Literature in 1982 and is still a very popular writer. After García Márquez, it was Isabel Allende (Chile) that continued the tradition of the magical realism. Her la Casa de los Espíritus (The house of the spirits) takes place during the years of the regime of Salvador Allende (1970 – 1973), just before the Chilian dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

But even before Márquez, Vargas Llosa and Isabel Allende, it were Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, two Chilean Nobel price winners, that became world famous with their poems.

Most Popular Works
Most Popular Writers
Writers and Literary Works by Country
Literary WorksViews
1.La serpiente de oro (fragmento) ~ Ciro Alegría | Peru40274
2.Los gallinazos sin plumas ~ Julio Ramón Ribeyro | Peru37847
3.El río ~ Javier Heraud | Peru8726
4.El Barranco ~ José María Arguedas | Peru8004
5.Los Dados Eternos ~ César Vallejo | Peru7820
6.Nostalgia ~ Jose Santos Chocano | Peru7367
7.Los Heraldos Negros ~ César Vallejo | Peru5937
8.Piedra negra sobre piedra blanca ~ César Vallejo | Peru5904
9.El último grumete de la Baquedano (fragmento) ~ Francisco Coloane | Chile5593
10.Prologo de el Alquimista ~ Paulo Coelho | Brasil5567
Most Popular WritersViews
1.Ciro Alegría ~ Peru40274
2.Julio Ramón Ribeyro ~ Peru37847
3.Javier Heraud ~ Peru8726
4.José María Arguedas ~ Peru8004
5.César Vallejo ~ Peru7820
6.Jose Santos Chocano ~ Peru7367
7.Francisco Coloane ~ Chile5593
8.Paulo Coelho ~ Brasil5567
9.Manuel Scorza ~ Peru5405
10.Miguel Delibes ~ España4377
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