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  • The most enjoyable way of learn Spanish; online learning is here to stay. Spanish lessons online in real time, live, with native speaking tutors. Individual or small groups. Read more »
  • AMAUTA is not just a place to learn Spanish, it’s a great place to make friends, meet different people and be part of a community! read more »
  • Our Spanish language school in Peru is located in stunning Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire and the world famous lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. read more »
  • Through the Volunteer Program, AMAUTA and the volunteers are able to make contributions to Latin American society and to help those less fortunate. read more »

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Amauta Spanish School in Peru and Argentina offers the unique opportunity to study and learn Spanish while immersed in the Peruvian or Argentine culture. Our experienced Spanish teachers emphasize an interactive way to learn Spanish; a proven methodology for foreign language learning. Our Spanish schools in Cusco, Peru and Buenos Aires (Argentina) are conveniently located in the city centers of two very popular destinations in South America. Cusco is the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire in Peru, now a charming small town in the Andes, full of culture, adventure, colorful local people and travelers with great options to speak Spanish to the locals and for being a volunteer in Peru.

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, full of culture and activities; a stunning destination for a Spanish immersion program abroad. From Spanish group classes to individual or specialized Spanish lessons; from learning Spanish in the Peruvian rainforest to the Sacred Valley of the Incas: AMAUTA Spanish School offers you the flexibility to study Spanish how and where you want while making new friends and explore the country and the Culture.

With 20 years of experience, AMAUTA understands that learning a new language is much more than sitting in a classroom. Therefore, we have worked hard to offer you a plethora of choices to allow you to learn to speak Spanish quickly while making the most of our time in Peru and Argentina.
AMAUTA Spanish School offers a range of FREE daily cultural activities; from salsa to tango lessons, from music to cooking or ceramic workshops. And our teachers also organize you class outings to hidden gems of Cusco and Buenos Aires. All of this makes AMAUTA a distinctive Spanish School in South America..

AMAUTA's accommodations - family homestay or student residence -, and our volunteer projects in Peru and Argentina, internship opportunities, allow you to become part of the local communities. This is, without a doubt, the best way to learn how to speak Spanish quickly and increase your skills. Are you ready now to meet our AMAUTA team, to read about our Spanish courses and destinations, or to register? We also invite you to read our Student Reviews.
If you are looking for a unique Spanish immersion program in Peru or Argentina, AMAUTA offers you an amazing and fulfilling experience!
Welcome to AMAUTA!

What our students say…
Karina  The last testimony of our spanish student

At AMAUTA language school I was impressed by the quality of teaching, the friendly and professional staff, along with the worldwide diversity of the students. Everyone is so happy ... read more

From: Other country
Date: 18 Feb 2020

Anneli  The last testimony of our spanish student

My name is Anneli and I am 57 old. I'm from Finland but I live in Sweden. I spent two weeks at the AMAUTA Spanish School in November 2019.

The school was nice, and they have ... read more

From: Other country
Date: 13 Jan 2020

  • Learn Spanish Language in Peru

    AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru

    Our Spanish language school in Peru is located in stunning Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire, close to the world famous lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Our Spanish programs in Peru run in three locations: start with your Spanish lessons in the city of Cusco, and continue in the Spanish in Sacred Valley of the Incas or in the Amazon rainforest of Tambopata. We also offer a Spanish Program at our partnerschool in the capital Lima.

    Our locations in Peru:
  • Spanish Levels

    Spanish Levels
    Spanish Levels at the Amauta Spanish School

    We work with four levels. The objectives of each are based on our experience and in accordance with the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and the equivalents of the Council of Europe. The levels beginners, intermediate, advanced and superior, and each of these has it´s own sub-levels.

    - Beginner Spanish
    - Intermediate Spanish
    - Advanced Spanish
    - Superior Spanish

    AMAUTA Volunteer Work Program

    AMAUTA Volunteer Work Program
    Volunteer Work in Latin America

    The AMAUTA Volunteer Work Program provides the unique opportunity to live and work in Peru and Argentina. Students will experience first-hand the rich cultural diversity while cultivating your Spanish proficiency. Through the Volunteer Program, AMAUTA and the volunteers are able to make contributions to Latin American society and to help those less fortunate. Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience when you see your work and support really making a difference.

    Types of Volunteering Programs:
    - Volunteer Standard Program
    - AMAUTA Internship Program
    - Volunteer & Internships Vacancies
  • Spanish Exercices

    Spanish Exercices
    At AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL we don’t only organize Spanish classes at our schools. Come and visit our sections "Spanish Grammar", " Spanish words", "Spanish Phrases" and "Spanish Games", full of excersises with Spanish verbs and vocabulary to study and improve your Spanish. Study Spanish Online and practise in your own pace with our different excercises. Also visit our section Multilingual Spanish Survival Dictionary which you will find very helpful. Prepare yourself for your Spanish classes at our schools in Peru and Argentina and get the most out of your Spanish lessons.

    Learn Latin Culture in Spanish

    Learn Latin Culture in Spanish

    Learn about the Latin culture: Find out information about the culture of South America and Hispanic countries, such as Cinema, Literature, Music, Biography, Recipes.

    Latin American Cinema

    The best Movies, directors, actors, etc... more

    Latin American Literature

    From Peru, Argentina, Espain, etc... more

    Latin American Biography

    The lives of famous Peruvians, Argentineas... more

    Latin American Recipes

    The most delicious Latin American cuisine... more

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