Amauta Spanish School Peru: About Us

AMAUTA Spanish School: About Us

AMAUTA Spanish School Peru - a leading language institute in Peru - offers the unique opportunity to get to grips with the Spanish language while immersing in the rich culture of Peru. Our headquarters are located one block from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco: you couldn´t be better poised to explore all Cusco has to offer.

AMAUTA Spanish School is not just a place to learn Spanish; AMAUTA is a great place to make friends and become part of a community! Students from all over the world come to AMAUTA to participate in the Spanish courses creating an incredible diversity of people and stories to share. Once you arrive, you won’t want to leave!

Amauta offers volunteering in Peru
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Our Story

AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL was founded in 1996 by a Dutch/Peruvian marriage and has been providing students with high-quality Spanish Courses, Volunteer Programs ever since.

AMAUTA was the first dedicated Spanish School in Cusco, and we are still proud to be the leading language institute in Peru. We work with (North American) universities, prestigious language agencies in different countries and we are approved by Bildungsurlaub and the Swedish CSN, among others. We are recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Education.

After a flashy start in 1996 in Cusco, we introduced the Sacred Valley and Tambopata as unique destinations in Peru to study Spanish and explore the surroundings. Shortly after, we started to offer Spanish Lessons in Lima. In 2009, we opened a school in Argentina, Buenos Aires. In addition, we expanded our red of partner schools throughout Latin America.

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25 Anniversary AMAUTA Spanish School

Our first school in Cusco was founded in 1996. As a result, in 2021 we celebrated our 25th birthday party!

As the doors of our schools had to remain closed during the mayor part of 2021 due to the pandemic, we had to postpone most of the celebrations. Our 30 year celebration will be BIG!

Stay tuned!

Amauta anniversary
Spanish in Spain and Spanish Online

Due to popular demand and as a consequence of the corona pandemic, when our (European) students couldn’t go to Latin America and Peru - we started an intermediary agency for Spanish schools in Spain. Apart, we invested in our language platform and improved our online Spanish courses. As a result, we are proud and grateful for many students learning Spanish online. Thanks to this, most of our Spanish teachers kept on working with us during the pandemic. Finally, we opened an Online Academy to teach English to the Peruvians and the Spanish speaking people from anywhere.

Our Students

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Our Mision

Our mission is to provide quality, effective, and affordable immersion language teaching and the number #1 Spanish school in Peru and help you discover Peru and finally discover yourself.

Our Spanish teachers and staff provide you with a cultural immersion experience in Peru and accompany you to fluency in Spanish every step of the way.

Our Vision

Languages help us to build bridges between cultures. At AMAUTA Spanish school, we believe that learning languages and opening up to other cultures gives us a broader perspective on life and a better understanding and empathy towards others.

We proudly immerse our students in the Spanish language and the millenarian Peruvian culture. Secondly, we connect you with the friendly Peruvians, your Spanish teacher, host family or part of a volunteer project.

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Giving back to our community

As a responsible company, we try to support the community where we operate as much as possible. One of the ways we do so is through our Volunteer Program.

AMAUTA has offered the possibility to volunteer in Peru since the opening of our school in 1996. In our Spanish and Volunteer Program, students get the chance to combine Spanish language study with volunteering in Peru.

Over 25 years, we have introduced thousands of Spanish students to local projects who opened their doors for our volunteers, grateful for the support and willing to share their culture and daily life, creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

AMAUTA is proud of supporting the volunteering projects across Peru through donations, among others. We believe making connections and building bridges between the local people and our visiting language students is beneficial for both parties.

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Our Spanish Teachers

All AMAUTA Spanish teachers are qualified and highly experienced. They are native Spanish speakers, professionals committed to giving students the most profound possible experience of Peruvian and Latin American culture and customs.

Coming from different countries in Latin America – most from Peru - they have all taken AMAUTA teachers training and participate in continuing education during their employment. All of them speak at least one other language, primarily English. Our Spanish teachers have been selected because of their high-quality teaching skills, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the local environment you will be experiencing.

Our Team

AMAUTA has an international staff that speaks several languages. Our team is comprised of Peruvian and foreign employees. Our main goal is to help you improve your Spanish and make your stay in Peru as enjoyable as possible. We will be pleased to help you organize your leisure activities, book your flights and excursions, assisting you when needed and helping to find solutions to eventual problems. We want you to make the most out of your stay in Peru!

Cesar Rondón & Jose Berendse
Directors - Founders

We are proud to say that AMAUTA was a pioneer in Peru of Spanish courses and volunteer work. Since the first day, our priority was to make sure our students in Peru received high-quality Spanish instruction and an extraordinary immersion and travel experience in Peru. So be assured that our team will do whatever they can to make sure you make the most out of your stay in Peru. Currently living between Spain and the Netherlands and frequently travelling to Peru, we do not meet all the students personally, as we did during the first years. But we have a great team, and the atmosphere at our school has never changed: AMAUTA is like a family that wants to welcome you!

Peru Manager

Hi, my name is Katy. I am the General Manager here at AMAUTA Cusco. Together with the whole team, it's my responsibility to ensure that your time here at our school is pleasant and unforgettable. Our goal is that your Spanish improves and that you leave Cusco with the most beautiful memories of our school and our enchanting country.

Amauta Spanish School managment
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