Cultural Activities in Peru

Cultural Activities in Peru

AMAUTA Spanish School provides an exciting and fun and FREE leisure agenda that is complementary to learning Spanish. Our cultural activities are geared towards socializing in a learning environment and increasing your knowledge of Peruvian culture. Above that, the cultural activities are fun. After the Spanish lessons, our students love to come together for the activities, to practice Spanish, discover Cusco, and make new and exciting plans to explore Peru together.

Cultural Activities

The cultural activities in Peru are very diverse and the program is different every week. However, some activities are favorites of all students, like the weekly salsa dance class, and the cooking workshop. Every Monday we host welcome dinner for new students organized by the staff.

Activities painball Peru
Cultural activities Peru pisco sour workshop

Participation in the cultural activities is free of charge; in some cases, a small entrance or transport fee must be paid. Peru is a great choice for a Spanish immersion program, not in the last place because of Peru’s rich cultural heritage, giving us endless options to dive into the culture. Apart from cultural activities, you can also book tours in Cusco and in Peru at AMAUTA and explore Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain, Lake Humantay with your fellow students, or go rafting, biking, hiking and more.

Cultural activities: list of options

  • Welcome dinner for new Students
  • Walking tour around the city of Cusco
  • School events and parties
  • Peruvian cooking class
  • Salsa Dance class
  • Workshop Peruvian Music
  • Latin American movie nights
  • Farewell Meeting with snacks and Pisco sour
  • Lectures on Peruvian culture and society
  • Visits to places of interest
Activities in Peru school events

More About the Cultural activities

  • Welcome Dinner
    Upon arrival in Cusco, all students are invited to a welcome dinner at our school. The welcome dinner is a fantastic chance to meet your fellow students who are also just starting their Spanish lessons in Peru and getting to know the school and the city of Cusco. The dinner is also a great introduction to the tasty Peruvian food! (Suspended till further notice)
    Activities Welcome Dinner
  • Peruvian Cooking Class
    Our Peruvian cooking class is run by an experienced cook who makes tasty local treats, perfect for our students interested in the famous Peruvian cuisine. Our chef will show you the (local) ingredients and teach you how to prepare a delicious lomo saltado, aji de gallina, papa rellena, a cocktail – like the famous pisco sour - or Peruvian desserts.
  • School Events
    Often our staff arranges events in the school for students such as BBQs, or parties for particular events or holidays. Our Christmas dinner and Halloween parties for students and staff are famous. On many occasions, we get together to enjoy ourselves in an informal setting, or we go out for dinner, for a hike or e.g. paintball.
  • Farewell Meetings
    Every Friday night, we hold a farewell gathering to say goodbye to the students who finalized their Spanish course. We present them with their study certificates and congratulate them with tasty Pisco Sours and other snacks prepared by our helpful kitchen staff. This is a friendly social gathering for a Friday night to finish the week, followed by our popular salsa workshop.
    Visits to places of interest
  • Salsa Dance classes
    Join our weekly Salsa class! Every Friday, we offer our popular free dance class to kick off the weekend. You will learn to dance salsa and a bit of cumbia or bachata. If the students are interested, the teachers can teach a few steps of a typical Peruvian dance too (vals, huayno, marinera). The weekly salsa class is entertaining, and not many students miss this weekly opportunity to move their hips!
  • Visits to places of interest
    Together with a staff member or Spanish teacher, we go off the beaten path and visit unknown, more isolated neighborhoods of Cusco, or, we visit a local school or a food market. Ocasionally, we go to a museum (e.g. Museum of Coca, the Inca Museum), or we take a night walk in Cusco. Lastly, we go out for lunch to a typical restaurant or ‘picantería’ where we taste local food and drinks that you don’t find in the tourist restaurants. We will show you many secrets of Cusco, not discovered yet by the tourists.
  • Lectures on Peruvian society and culture
    If you are interested in Peruvian culture, our teachers hold interactive presentations on topics of interest relating to Peruvian society. Subjects vary from a general introduction to different aspects of Peruvian culture, typical Peruvian customs from the present and the past, traditions around public holidays such as Christmas, about traditional Peruvian foods. While picking up some local information, this is also a great way to practice your Spanish comprehension, as all lectures are given in Spanish.
    Lectures on Peruvian society and culture
  • Latin America Movie Nights
    Once a month, we set up a movie theatre to watch popular international and Latin American movies together, to help you practice your comprehension of the language and reading the subtitles. In addition, movies help practice and learn the Spanish language.
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