Our Method & Lesson Materials

Our Method

AMAUTA Spanish School is known for its interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods. All AMAUTA Spanish courses in Peru include:

  • Development of listening, writing and reading comprehension.
  • Exercises to extend Spanish vocabulary and improve Spanish pronunciation.
  • Study of Spanish grammar, both theory and practice.
  • Techniques or oral communication: guided conversation, role-playing and more.
  • In and out of the classroom teaching; guided visits to places of interest.

Lesson Method

The Spanish courses are focused on practical activities and exercises through which the students will study in an interactive environment, thus learning the Spanish language fast. Communication and interaction are the ultimate goal of learning the language. Our highly qualified and experienced local teachers arrange for students to visit typical locations such as museums, art galleries, churches, parks, Plazas, typical fiestas during the year.

We also offer complimentary cultural activities daily. The cultural activities are an excellent way to practice and improve your Spanish. For example, master the salsa dance steps or the Peruvian cuisine; visit the coca museum, try local chica beer or typical sweets or desserts, talking to the local vendors at the colourful markets

Explore Cusco with Amauta
Learn Spanish outside the classroom

Lesson Materials

We work with a combination of different Latin America-oriented textbooks, which form the basis of our own course material. In addition, our ‘textbook’ is interactive and includes videos, audio, texts, exercises and more.

We use this in combination with other materials such as newspapers, songs, literature, and other audio-visual materials.

All our Spanish courses are focused on practical activities and exercises through which the students will learn Spanish in an interactive environment, thus learning the Spanish language quickly.

Spanish Levels

At AMAUTA, we work with four levels, arranging the goals of each based on our experience and following the curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes and the equivalents of the Council of Europe. These levels are beginners Spanish, intermediate Spanish, advanced and superior. Each has its own sub-levels.

Beginners Spanish

A1 and A2
This level is for students without any knowledge of the Spanish Language. Upon completion, the student will formulate and understand short sentences relating to basic necessities and forms of politeness.

Intermediate Spanish

This course will bring you to a higher level. As a result, you will be able to express yourself, perhaps sometimes with a little difficulty, but usually spontaneously and independently, in everyday situations. Includes a revision of basic grammar structures and the past tenses.


The student will have advanced communication ability in Spanish, even in complicated situations. The student will work extensively on past tenses and be introduced to the subjunctive.

Superior Spanish

C1 and C2
Clearing up minor imperfections; refining Spanish pronunciation and intonation. The student will communicate, without difficulty, with people who are native Spanish speakers. Errors and deficiencies in Spanish grammar structures that still exist will be corrected.

Certificates at AMAUTA Spanish School

AMAUTA Spanish School offers a certificate upon completing your Spanish course to document your time spent learning Spanish in Peru. All the students receive a certificate detailing the level of Spanish and the number of hours they spent studying at AMAUTA. This is an excellent way to document your studies and something to bring home to show your friends and family.

Spanish certificate Amauta Cusco Peru
Spanish class Amauta spanish school

In addition, if you would like a grade with your certificate, you can register for a final exam a few days before your course ends; in this case, you receive a graded certificate. This kind of certificate can be helpful when presenting for a job application or university study.

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