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At AMAUTA, we are like a big family. Our students tend to spend a significant period of time with us - from a few weeks up to a few months - and so our staff gets to know the students well and the students get to know the staff well. In addition, the students become very close with one another. They spend every day studying Spanish together, eating together, and sharing experiences together. The sense of community at AMAUTA is very strong, and we invite you to become a part of it.

In Peru, many Spanish students live on campus while others stay with guest families and spend the day at AMAUTA Spanish school in Cusco. Each morning, students begin the day at the breakfast table before hurrying off to morning classes or their volunteerwork. Lunchtime is quite a social event, as well. Tables are spread over the terrace in the sunshine, and students catch up with each other’s volunteer activities and classes. In the afternoons, many students venture off together to see the sights of Cusco while others settle in for afternoon Spanish lessons or volunteer projects.

In Argentina, things are a little more fast-paced given the surroundings of bustling Buenos Aires. Students arrive for morning Spanish classes and spend the day in the modern building that makes our Buenos Aires Spanish school grounds. Nearby are many funky cafes where students often lunch together before heading off to volunteer projects around the city or visiting nearby attractions.

AMAUTA is very involved with its local community, and we are committed to improving the communities in which we operate. Our numerous volunteer projects in Peru and Argentina aim to match volunteer’s skills to better the lives for all, and we are continually open to new and innovative solutions to the issues plaguing nearby communities. We are also a source of employment for the locals and provide business for local host families. It also offers the valuable opportunity for Spanish students to communicate with local homestay families in Argentina or Peru, and for locals to communicate with foreigners, expanding the horizons of all.

Throughout the year, we partake in local festivals, and we love being part of these customs and traditions in South America. During special times of the year, such as Christmas and Easter, AMAUTA Spanish School reaches out to the community and helps those less fortunate. Past efforts have included providing gifts to local children and making special chocolate items and bread with them.

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