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Why Amauta?

Now that you are about to embark on the life-changing journey of studying Spanish in a foreign country, it is important to choose the right Spanish school. With AMAUTA, you will immediately feel the warmth and personal care given at our school. We are here to answer your questions, help you organize your trip, and ensure you have the best experience possible. All you need to do is approach this new milestone in your life with both excitement and the feeling of assurance that all is being taken care of.

AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL was founded in 1996 and has been providing students with high quality Spanish Courses, Volunteer Programs and Excursions ever since. Our AMAUTA schools are located in Peru and Argentina, allowing students to learn the Spanish language while surrounding themselves with ancient Inca culture or modern city wonders.

Why Amauta, Our students in Peru

What makes AMAUTA stand out?

  • The most flexible, diverse Spanish language course options in Argentina and Peru!
    • In Peru: study in Cusco, the Amazon Jungle, or the Sacred Valley of the Incas!
    • In Argentina: study in Buenos Aires, the Pampas, or Bariloche!
    • Mix and Match: study Spanish in BOTH Argentina and Peru!
  • Over 15 years of experience with qualified local instructors!
  • Internationally recognized by colleges, universities, and language agents all over the world
  • Specialized Spanish courses, including Spanish for Families, Medical Spanish and TEFL
  • Specialized cultural courses, including Tango, Salsa, Yoga and traditional weaving!
  • Customized volunteer and internship programs in both Argentina and Peru
  • Our very own in-house travel agency, Dos Manos, to book tours and treks with exclusive student discounts!
  • Conveniently located in beautiful school buildings
  • Free daily cultural classes included for all students and volunteers
  • Direct communication with our multi-cultural staff that speaks Spanish, English, Dutch, German, and Portuguese!

If you still want to know more or want to connect with other past, present, and future AMAUTA students, check out our AMAUTA Spanish School Facebook Page. You can also check out our blog for a detailed account of what life is like as an AMAUTA student!

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