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Spanish Teachers in Argentina

Our Spanish Teachers in Argentina
All AMAUTA teachers are native speakers and professionals who are committed to giving students the richest possible experience of Latinamerican culture and customs. They have been chosen because of their high quality teaching skills, their enthusiasm and their knowledge of history and culture. Coming from different countries in Latin-America they all took the AMAUTA teachers' training and participate in continuing education during their employment.
Spanish Teachers in Argentina
Teacher Barbara Franconi


I am very happy to be part of AMAUTA. As the Head of Studies, I am very pleased to be organizing the Spanish courses, working with lesson materials, programming the cultural activities, which I enjoy very much. AMAUTA recently opened it´s doors in Buenos Aires and we are proud to be part of this and will welcome you and your friend in this big, incredible city wich you will love, without a doubt!
Teacher Leonardo Fernandez


To me language is more than wonderful. Far from a theoretical learning I believe that learning a language means opening doors, breaking down barriers and escape from isolation. Getting to know the language of a people is to enter into the heart of their culture, its depths and to meet the enormous wealth those people have been treasured for ages. As a teacher I am amazed every day to see my students following this road: they start with fear and shame, they allow themselves to make mistakes ; little by little interest on "the other" grows, discovering much more of what lies behind a grammar. It is particularly rewarding to share something so precious to me, something that constitutes my identity and to help students to leave the "mute" and enjoy a fulfilling experience in our country.
Teacher Juan Manuel Daza


Working at AMAUTA is like having access to a great, fast and dynamic network of stories, cultures and knowledge from all over the world. That transforms your job into an amazing day-a-day experience were you can get to meet lot of unique people. As a teacher, and also as a writer, I find this really inspiring. Getting to know, all the time, these many visions of life, makes your mind wider in order to understand that differences amongst human beings should create bonds between us, not frontiers.
Teacher Omar Ocampo


Being a teacher at AMAUTA is much more than just teaching words, concepts or rules of a language. Actually, it is an every day experience trying to convey all that is involved with the Spanish language and Argentinean culture: habits, customs, history, perceptions, ways of relating to others and seeing the world amongst many other factors.
Working with dynamic, creative and happy colleagues sharing the same passion about our language, is a continuous exercise of being a teacher. It is a mutual learning process that makes you discover new ways of teaching.
All of this, coupled with the diversity of our students, their backgrounds, ages, interests, perspectives, experiences and reasons for wanting to learn Spanish, makes working at AMAUTA a cultural enriching experience with an exchange of knowledge and transmission of culture and fun times.
/Teacher Flavia Godnic


A language has got a lot of things more than a grammar: that´s one of the reasons why I like teaching at AMAUTA. In the class, teachers and students share their culture, their knowledge and personal interests of each one. I think that drinking "mate" in the class or eating "medialunas", while we have a conversation in spanish, makes it easier and funnier learning a new language. Apart from the classes, there are a lot of cultural activities that students can do at school, that help further knowledge of Latinoamerica´s culture.

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