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Hannelieke Zevenhuizen's diary a spanish student at Amauta Spanish school

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Hannelieke Zevenhuizen, Amauta Student
Hannelieke Zevenhuizen
It's my Diary of travel

Get dressed in Peruvian clothes

Date: 2005-09-28

A trip to the highest lake on earth, Lake Titicaca, that sounds interesting! And so I booked at Dos Manos, the travel agency of AMAUTA Spanish School, a group voyage to Puno.

From here the boat-expedition starts. After 7 hours of sleeping in quite a comfortable bus, I arrived in Puno and met my really nice group, that existed of many different nationalities. Already from the small quay we had amazing views over the lake. It is surrounded by very high and very green mountains, that special and beautiful green the Andes mountains are covered with.

A small boat took us in about half an hour to the famous and touristic ‘floating islands’, called Uros. The floating islands exist of reed and float a bit on the lake during the day. You can walk on it and you can feel you are standing on the water, which is a bit strange if you’re not used to it. People have build houses on this island and live, sleep and eat there. In the evening they just throw out the anchor in order not to drift off on the lake too far.

After having visited the two islands of Uros, we stepped on our motor-driven boat again which brought us to the island ‘Amantani’. This boat-trip took us about 3 hours and we enjoyed it very much as the sun was shining and there were fantastic views. Amantani is not a floating island and is much bigger than Uros. About 3000 people live here and their main source of income is fishing, farming and making handcrafts.

The host families were already awaiting us in the small harbor. All were dressed in typical Peruvian clothes and the women were off course spinning; as you see them do through whole Peru. Me and a girl from Argentina met with our host mother, father and two children and they brought us to their small but cozy house. We got quite a big room with two beds and a table in it. Our host mother immediately started making us lunch as she thought we might be very hungry. In the afternoon we made a walk with the group on the island and climbed up to the highest point of the isle where a temple was build. From there we could see the sun sinking in the sea, which painted the sky all red.

In the evening our host mother dressed us up in the typical clothes a lot of Peruvian women are wearing. So I was wearing two thick skirts, a embroidered blouse and a black headscarf. I thought I looked really silly in the dress and that I looked like I was pregnant, but my host mother said I looked lovely. Then she brought us to a place in the center of the town, where we met the rest of the group, all dressed up as traditional Peruvians. It was a very funny sight and all started dancing on the music the local people were making. We had a night, which I won’t forget anymore!

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