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Student Testimonials

Our Spanish students in Latinamerica

AMAUTA students are travelers, professionals and students and they come from all over the world, including Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Brazil: too many to mention here!

If you are studying at AMAUTA at the moment, or have just finished your Spanish course with us, you can share your experience with other people here. Do not hesitate to leave behind your testimonial.

If you are considering studying at AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru or Argentina, this is a great place to see what other people have to say about AMAUTA. You can just easily browse through the different testimonials – each indicates date, student’s occupation and nationality. On the bottom of the page you can search by location: Peru or Argentina.

Testimonies of our Students in Peru & Argentina
Alexandra Müller, AMAUTA Student
Alexandra Müller

Alexandra Müller

Nationality: Other country

I had a good experience at AMAUTA Cusco. My host family was really kind to me and helped me to settle into my new life in Cusco. As I didn't have any Spanish lessons, I can't say anything about that. I'd really like to say thank you to Sky for her help and genuine interest in my concerns that was really nice and helpful. Since this is my first trip to South America I wanted something fixed and i totally got that at AMAUTA. So thank you for that! I think I chose to stay a bit too long here since most of the people leave after a maximum of 4 weeks which makes life a bit harder when you are staying for 10 and see everyone leave.

Raimund Richter, AMAUTA Student
Raimund Richter

Raimund Richter

Nationality: Other country

The teachers at AMAUTA are competent, and one has the impression that they like what they do. excursions and so on make the Spanish learning at AMAUTA more comfortable and effective. I needed medical care, and AMAUTA's Dr Karen helped us in the hospital, and the school team attended us on our way home.

Roger Kormann Thu Dieu Ngo, AMAUTA Student
Roger Kormann Thu Dieu Ngo

Roger Kormann Thu Dieu Ngo

Nationality: Other country

During our two-week stay at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, we got to know a very professional team of teachers and staff. We enjoyed being able to learn such a lovely language in such a beautiful country, city and location. It was a real pleasure meeting all of you, and we wish you all the best for the future. We can highly recommend AMAUTA Spanish school to learn Spanish in Peru!.

Josha Harkam, AMAUTA Student
Josha Harkam

Josha Harkam

Nationality: Other country

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires was an amazing! Not only the location in Buenos Aires is beautiful but the whole environment around that school is.
The teachers there are very professional, educated, friendly and funny as well.
I learned Spanish, was introduced to Argentinian culture and made good friends there - what do you want more?.

It really felt like being part of a big family - Thank you for everything!

Jason Hackett, AMAUTA Student
Jason Hackett

Jason Hackett

Nationality:United Kingdom

Good teachers who are patient (very important) and speak clearly. This is very important, given the local Argentine accent being somewhat different to others in the Spanish-speaking world. A range of after class activities are available in the afternoons. It's good to take advantage of all the opportunities you can get to practice your Spanish.

Susanne van der Heide, AMAUTA Student
Susanne van der Heide

Susanne van der Heide


I am currently following classes of Spanish at Amauta Buenos AiresI have had 4 weeks of classes so far and I can honestly say they are amazing! I love the personal attention that you get because you are just with 3 or 4 in one class. The staff is very very friendly and helpfull and this makes me feel like the school is my second home.I love the interactive part of the teaching methods, for example, by playing games or listening assignments. This keeps the material fun and easier to learn! Every student and teacher also practices more outside of the classes, in the breaks and during the (awesome) activities that happen every monday and wednesday! My Spanish is improved a lot because of all these aspects. I also love the location of the school, in barolo palacio, a very old but charming building! Moreover, what not to love about Buenos Aires, this city is always alive and has tons of things to offer! Had great times and even more enjoying to come!.

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