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Our Student in Argentina

Testimonies of our students in Argentina
Our students: 151 to 160 in a total of : 221
Vanessa Viana, AMAUTA Student
Vanessa Viana

Vanessa Viana


The school AMAUTA is very attractive, the teachers are nice, as well as the other students. From the moment I arrived at school until my last day everything was perfectly arranged. My family here in Buenos Aires is very special. I would like to say thank you and would like to come back some more times. I also would like to go to the school in Peru!

Adriana Godoy Ferreira, AMAUTA Student
Adriana Godoy Ferreira

Adriana Godoy Ferreira


I liked the Spanish classes and teachers a lot. Thanks for everything.
I like to come back.

Sara Tanner, AMAUTA Student
Sara Tanner

Sara Tanner


I really love to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Buenos Aires. The teachers are very professional and help the students to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language with a mix of conversation, grammar, writing, listening and games. I can recommend AMAUTA to everybody! Thanks for an awesome time here!

Ferentia Romme, AMAUTA Student
Ferentia Romme

Ferentia Romme


Me gusta la vida en Buenos Aires! The people, the city, the weather… it all fits in a wonderful picture. The language school AMAUTA is also very nice, because you meet a lot of other students who are, as you, travelling and learning Spanish. Also the after school activities like tango lessons are a nice plus! I can only say: come to Argentina and enjoy!

Inge Gerrits, AMAUTA Student
Inge Gerrits

Inge Gerrits


I love the vibe of Buenos Aires. Excellent food and hospitable Porteños?. AMAUTA is a a good choice for learning Spanish and you make friends easily in the school!

Julie Costa, AMAUTA Student
Julie Costa

Julie Costa


During the days I stayed at AMAUTA, I met a lot of people from other countries. The teachers learned me a lot about Argentina and their language.

Françoise Bousta, AMAUTA Student
Françoise Bousta

Françoise Bousta


I was 2 weeks in AMAUTA in Buenos Aires and I liked the Spanish classes a lot. The staff is sympathetic and always helped me with my questions. It's a nice place to learn Spanish!

Herny y Jaylene Kostynuik, AMAUTA Student
Herny y Jaylene Kostynuik

Herny y Jaylene Kostynuik

Nationality:United States

I had enjoyed learning how to speak Spanish from the beginning. Living with a host family and being fully immersed in the Spanish culture forces me to improve and practice my Spanish daily. With each day, I'm understanding more conversations on the street.

Katja Sattmann, AMAUTA Student
Katja Sattmann

Katja Sattmann


I enjoyed my time at AMAUTA very much. My teachers were always very friendly and there was a good atmosphere in the class.
I was not always happy with my afternoon classes, but now it works out well because I am doing volunteer work in the mornings. We have dedicated time to both communication and other skills, and grammar, and I think this was the best way to learn Spanish. Thank you!

Noa Rinat, AMAUTA Student
Noa Rinat

Noa Rinat


My name is Noa Rinat, I am 18 years old, and I am studying for 2 months at the AMAUTA Spanish school in Buenos Aires.
I enjoy my time here at AMAUTA. The teachers are very nice and friendly. You can ask them everything: from Spanish grammar to the best restaurants in town.
The group lessons I am taking are up with only 5 people, so everyone gets enough attention during class.
The school staff is also there to help you anytime. The school is in a very nice neighboorhood, Belgrano, which makes even the walk to school every morning enjoyable.

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