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Our Student in Argentina

Testimonies of our students in Argentina
Our students: 201 to 210 in a total of : 221
Lars Aebersold, AMAUTA Student
Lars Aebersold

Lars Aebersold


I spent eight weeks with AMAUTA, learning Spanish for four weeks and doing voluntary work for another four weeks.
Having had no Spanish knowledge at my arrival in Cusco it was a bit special going to my host family not being able to say more than “me llamo Lars” but they were friendly and helpful and our conversations got longer each day. The teachers at the school were great and made learning fun, teaching also lots about the country and the culture.
Then I started my work and moved to the residence at the school which was very fun and practical since it’s located right in the town centre. It was after my first four weeks in Cusco when I decided I would like to the AMAUTA school in Buenos Aires and do two weeks there which was definitely worth every penny! The school there is a bit smaller though still offers interesting after school projects and courses. I only worked three days a week in Buenos Aires which was fine with me since I could explore this great city. I also really enjoyed my stay at the student residence in BA during that time, meeting lots of students from South America and speaking quite a bit of Spanish. Overall it was a great experience.

Byron Pittam, AMAUTA Student
Byron Pittam

Byron Pittam

Nationality:United States

AMAUTA is a great deal that's hard to pass up. My girlfriend and I were both hesitant to take Spanish classes here in Buenos Aires, but the opportunity to study at AMAUTA was wonderful. The level that they placed us in was perfect, since we were not beginners but also far from fluent. Everyone that works on the staff is wonderful, polite and helpful. We have never had a class size larger than five people, the teachers have always been great at encouraging conversation, and the textbooks are wonderful (and included in the cost). The overall experience has been superb.
In addition, there are planned activities everyday that serve to get you more time with the teachers and staff. Real life situations are the best way to learn! We have gone to museums, various neighborhoods, learned an Argentine card game called Truco, danced (Tango and Salsa), and more. The volunteer program pairs you with your ideal volunteering experience. The experiences are rewarding and educational, and you get to practice the Spanish that you learned in the previous weeks.
We also really enjoyed the historic building that houses the school. It is a spacious yet comfortable building that has all the necessary amenities. We are glad we got hooked on Amuata. Definitely has been a great experience to add to our South American experience.

Remy Van Den Hoed, AMAUTA Student
Remy Van Den Hoed

Remy Van Den Hoed


I had 3 weeks of Spanish lessons at AMAUTA, and it was really great: good lessons, nice staff, fun activities, and the best: Buenos Aires is a great city to spend some time! AMAUTA also helped me to arrange 4 weeks of voluntary work in a project where young boys live who can not live at home. This project was really great, I had a good time with the kids and it is very nice to be able to help the local people this way. So 3 weeks of lessons, 4 weeks of project, in total the best 7 weeks of my live! (up so far…).

Annemarie Hage, AMAUTA Student
Annemarie Hage

Annemarie Hage


I don’t need special powers to predict that you will have a great time if you chose AMAUTA! The school in Buenos Aires is young (in two ways) and very helpful! They do a lot of activities which will help you get to know the city and other students. The teachers are very understandable and very nice. Be sure to stay with a guest family, this will make your stay even more intense!

Roxane Warring, AMAUTA Student
Roxane Warring

Roxane Warring


We had a great time in Buenos Aires, partly because of AMAUTA. Go on with the useful, informative and fun activities! They were perfect to get to know Buenos Aires. The information given in the information package was very handy and also the boards in the student room at school were very useful. Last but not least, it is a beautiful building, centrally located and clean. Thanks for all your concern and your help with the project! And especially your cheerful and sweet character, you could even made us smile when the classes worn us off! The complementary classes were great and I loves the fact that I always felt (and even feel) welcome!!! It was a beautiful experience!! Thank you!.

Paul Jouan, AMAUTA Student
Paul Jouan

Paul Jouan


People at AMAUTA have been kind and helpfull from the first contact I had with them, they just do things in a way that you feel comfortable straightaway.
In this very welcoming place of Belgrano, for hours a day, I had the opportunity to improve my Spanish and having a friendly experience at the same time, through an original method of learning a language. Working with a few people per class helps to have a real dynamic talks and discussions during the class, which participate as well to a nice climate.
In as I arrived in BA only a few days ago, I could start with a rich experience learning on Portenos way of life, which help to introduce yourself in a new city.
I’m looking forward to make an other week or to get an other service from the AMAUTA’s group.
Thanks to everyone working at Belgrano’s classes.

Family Reilly, AMAUTA Student
Family Reilly

Family Reilly

Nationality:United States

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible spanish lessons during our stay in Buenos Aires.
Geraldina was so wonderful, the children absolutely LOVED her.

Lewis McNeill, AMAUTA Student
Lewis McNeill

Lewis McNeill

Nationality:United Kingdom

"I had a great experience learning Spanish at AMAUTA. All of the teachers were of a high standard and became good friends throughout my stay in Buenos Aires. The school is very sociable, and they always provide fun, free activities for everyone to get involved - which is great for getting to know the other students and making friends. Not only that, the staff will go out of their way to help you outside of class, a they did when I lost my bank card. Without me asking a member of staff offered to drop what they were doing to accompany me to the police station"

James Murphy, AMAUTA Student
James Murphy

James Murphy


The classes i had at AMAUTA were very good. I enjoyed them and learned quite a bit. The teachers were very good and friendly which was great. Barbara also was really great and helpful. I will pass on your school to anyone I meet living out that way who wants to learn Spanish.

Sebastian Benner, AMAUTA Student
Sebastian Benner

Sebastian Benner


Hello my name is Sebastian and I was in Buenos Aires for 8 weeks to learn Spanish. In AMAUTA I had much fun all the time and I learned Spanish very good.
I also think the system of learning is very good, because it is much learning by speaking. For example: I learned the past tense, when I told the whole story of “Forrest Gump”.
Also the activities the school organizes in the afternoons or at the weekends are a good way to get to know the country and other people.
Buenos Aires is a great city and I found many new friends there.
Gracias a Bárbara y Mila y los profesores
A Natalia y Giulia y a Luis son los mejores!
Gracias por un tiempo muy bonito!

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