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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 141 to 150 in a total of : 574
Cori Bucherl, AMAUTA Student
Cori Bucherl

Cori Bucherl

Nationality: Other country

Monday morning I went to the Amauta Spanish school, which is just off of the Plaza de Armas. The people there were super friendly and I was so relieved and happy to have chosen this school with such good energy. I’m in a class of 3 beginners, so the learning environment is very personal. My teachers are fantastic and my brain is exploding with new Spanish knowledge. Amusingly, lots of the other students at AMAUTA are German speakers, so I’ve been speaking a lot of German as well. The other 2 students in my class are from Austria, so we’ve been learning Spanish together via a mixture of German and English. Good stuff. I’m happy to have some semblance of familiarity and a schedule, even if it’s just for this week.

Aster Pijning, AMAUTA Student
Aster Pijning

Aster Pijning


I had a great time at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco. Cusco is a great place from which to explore the South of Peru. Staying at the AMAUTA residence gives you the opportunity to make new friends and experience new things while learning Spanish and living in the center of amazing Cusco.

Katrin Baumgartner, AMAUTA Student
Katrin Baumgartner

Katrin Baumgartner


I have stayed with AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco for 6 weeks and I really enjoyed my time here. AMAUTA offers Spanish classes either in small groups (2 to 6 students) or single lessons if nobody else is at your level of Spanish at the moment. During our Spanish lessons we had a lot of fun, listened to South American music or discussed serious issues. I also learned a lot about Peruvian culture.
One week I went to AMAUTA in the Sacred Valley and I can truly recommend it to everybody who stays in Cusco for more than one week. You stay in a small village with your fellow students. Normally the weather is warmer than in Cusco and it´s a perfect opportunity to see more sights. As it is a small group you also get to know the other Spanish students better and get closer as a group

Paul Matthies, AMAUTA Student
Paul Matthies

Paul Matthies


What I really liked about AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco is their beautiful school; the sunny terrace where you can hang out with other Spanish students. The food is really good as well as the rooms. Your sheets get changed on a regular base.
I was also really happy with my host family, they were really kind. I had big Peruvian lunches with the whole family what is really good to practice your Spanish.
I would definitely recommend AMAUTA Cusco!

Khaizer Rizvi, AMAUTA Student
Khaizer Rizvi

Khaizer Rizvi

Nationality:United Kingdom

Volunteering with AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru has been an exciting and wonderful experience. Teaching underprivileged children at the sports center in Cusco was at first a surreal experience, but with the help from AMAUTA and the staff at the sports center, I began to make a real difference to local children participating in sports.
Away from volunteering you will meet amazing and interesting people from all corners of the world, some of them will stay life long friends.
The school is one minute away from the center of Cusco, so everything is really close.
If you want to learn Spanish and volunteer in Cusco, AMAUTA Spanish School is definitely the place to go!

Amar Jilka, AMAUTA Student
Amar Jilka

Amar Jilka


During my time volunteering/learning Spanish with AMAUTA in Cusco, I leave with only positive feedback and experience. AMAUTA Spanish School itself is a very organized and helpful organization with great staff ready to assist 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Despite being apprehensive about starting my volunteer work, AMAUTA made the transition very smooth and friendly. I am now in my third week of volunteering and although I couldn´t speak any Spanish, communication between me and my supervisor has been excellent. Maybe due to the teaching quality at AMAUTA in Peru. I would recommend AMAUTA to everyone.

Claire Mc Kenna, AMAUTA Student
Claire Mc Kenna

Claire Mc Kenna

Nationality:United States

AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco has been a great experience so far. Since my arrival at the airport until now, I have felt completely safe and accounted for Martina, the AMAUTA representative in Cusco. She has been particularly helpful coming with me on my first day at the project and answering any question I had.
Available laundry service, delicious meals and free cooking, Spanish and salsa lessons are only some aspects that make AMAUTA an excellent place which to travel in Peru.

Caitlin Dockweiler, AMAUTA Student
Caitlin Dockweiler

Caitlin Dockweiler

Nationality:United States
Occupation:Medical student

I would absolutely recommend AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco. Everyone was so helpful from my first contact with them via email all the way to my departure. I loved my Spanish classes and the experience of living with a Peruvian host family. I only wish I could have stayed longer at AMAUTA.

Lindalva Cavalcante, AMAUTA Student
Lindalva Cavalcante

Lindalva Cavalcante


I arrived at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco on the 6th of April for 2 weeks. I had an intensive Spanish course and the teachers were great. I studied a lot of grammar, did communicate a lot and the teachers took me to different places in Cusco so that it was easier to find your way around.
Besides I was very well received at AMAUTA.

Marina Grossrieder, AMAUTA Student
Marina Grossrieder

Marina Grossrieder

Occupation:Project Manager

I met helpful, friendly and good staff at AMAUTA Cusco. I have learned a lot and could specially profit out of the combination of Spanish group class & individual lessons.

The teachers are friendly, helpful and well prepared. I liked the fact that you have different Spanish teachers in order to get to know all of them and profit from different styles and skills.

I highly recommend living at AMAUTAs student house, because it is a quite location, but still close to the city center. My single room was clean, comfortable and I felt secure at all times as there are people 24 hours on duty.

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