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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 161 to 170 in a total of : 578
Sebastian Soellradl, AMAUTA Student
Sebastian Soellradl

Sebastian Soellradl


It is not the cheapest school here in Cusco, but definitely the best one. I booked 3 weeks of Spanish courses and accommodation as well. The teachers here are great, the breakfast and lunch are fantastic and my room with private bathroom was very clean and nice. Furthermore I had a beautiful view from my room and also the people here are very nice!

Jonas Caçador C. Barron, AMAUTA Student
Jonas Caçador C. Barron

Jonas Caçador C. Barron


I came to Cusco without expectations. For me it was just living in another language of course. I was so wrong, it was more than that! In AMAUTA I found a very qualified crew who planned the classes during the week. Also, the classes are flexible enough to give the students the opportunity to choose some other subjects to learn about during the week.

Besides all this, the school has a great infrastructure and very nice people. Trust me, you will never be bored! In just 2 months I learnt Spanish pretty well and I made some good friends!

Lisa Blomsköld, AMAUTA Student
Lisa Blomsköld

Lisa Blomsköld


I would recommend AMAUTA because the teachers and the learning environment within the classrooms are great. For me, it seems like the teachers sincerely care about our learning and also about us as persons. Also it is a very social experience staying in AMAUTA. I love meeting students, coming from all over the world. In addition to that, the school has a great location. It could not have been closer to the city center. :)

Marion Vassal, AMAUTA Student
Marion Vassal

Marion Vassal


AMAUTA is located in the best area of Cusco, with really nice buildings. All the people that work at AMAUTA are doing all their best so that we are feeling great, like at home. The teachers spend a lot of attention to our culture and our trip in Peru. For me, AMAUTA is the best option for travelling in South America. It allows us to study the local language, and to understand and get to know different cultures. AMAUTA gives us safety and guaranty in a country which we don’t know.

Daniel Duquette, AMAUTA Student
Daniel Duquette

Daniel Duquette


I took part at a 3-weeks-course at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco and I was impressed of the quality of the teachers. I had 4 hours of group classes per day and I felt that the Spanish level was perfect for me - it kept me on the edge of learning. I also had 2 hours of private lessons with Giovanna (who was EXCELLENT) which helped me to practice even more. For me Amauta is excellent :)

Kurt Barber, AMAUTA Student
Kurt Barber

Kurt Barber

Nationality:United States
Occupation:US Forest Service

My host mother told me I would be speaking Spanish in a week. I thought she was crazy, but it happened. This program provides quality teachers and a variety of activities to grow your language skills quickly. I´m leaving Amauta with confidence in my Spanish.

Gemma Mickle, AMAUTA Student
Gemma Mickle

Gemma Mickle

Nationality:United Kingdom

Fantastic experience!

Despite having travelled around Asia for two years I was a little nervous about travelling to South America, especially as I had NO Spanish!
Booking Amauta Spanish school in Cuzco was the best thing I could have done. I can now understand most of what I hear and can talk on a basic level, I am pleased to say that my language skills are improving every day because I now have a firm base to build on. Even in the short time that I have been here, I have gained confidence in my Spanish and that is down to the great teachers and fun lessons.
The school also organised all of my accommodation during my study Spanish in Cusco, and I would recommend staying with a local family, as I did. This really helps with the Spanish practise and having that extra support was great.
AMAUTA also organize trips out and evening activities, which means you can´t fail to have a great time and meet lots of people.
Such a great start to my South American adventures!

Andreas Trenner, AMAUTA Student
Andreas Trenner

Andreas Trenner


The grammar of the Spanish language is very well explained and with excursions to the city center – for example museums or other public places – you are able to practice and improve with native people.

Steffi & Simon B., AMAUTA Student
Steffi & Simon B.

Steffi & Simon B.


The school is close to the city center (physical exercise on your way to school included ;)). The teachers are motivated and punctual. For a fair price, in case you live in a host family, you can also have a great lunch in school. Besides you always get hot tea and coffee for free. There is also Dos Manos, the travel agency in Cusco, where you get really good information about excursions and are able to book them. The staff is really nice and helpful. And you can do volunteer work as well.

Maud Stevers, AMAUTA Student
Maud Stevers

Maud Stevers


AMAUTA is situated against a hill and has a nice view all over Cusco. The school has very good teachers, I liked the two we had last week. We laughed a lot during class and also went to the city center to practice our Spanish with the locals. In the evenings and afternoons AMAUTA organizes great activities for free. Tonight we have a salsa class, I went to a clinic for disabled children and that was very special – with just passing by we made the children very happy. I´m staying at a nice and sweet host family where I can practice my Spanish very well. Every day I can use more words and sentences.

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