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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 171 to 180 in a total of : 577
Sofie Doorman, AMAUTA Student
Sofie Doorman

Sofie Doorman


I would totally recommend AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, because of the great atmosphere you feel here. The teachers are amazingly enthusiastic and during the lessons you also go outside to practice your Spanish talking to the local people. Another amazing thing about AMAUTA is the way people get along with each other, all kinds of people from all kinds of countries and all kinds of ages are having the best time of their life together. So no doubt, AMAUTA is the best way to learn Spanish during your travelling.

Rebecca Arfwedson, AMAUTA Student
Rebecca Arfwedson

Rebecca Arfwedson


AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru gives you a lot of opportunities. You meet a lot of foreign people and make friends for life. When you are living in Cusco they are going to be your family. At nights there are a lot of activities at school and in the streets of Cusco as well. You can dance salsa, drink the most awesome beer – Cusqueña – and eat a 2 or 3 course menu for the price of a cheeseburger. The education is fun and different. You laugh a lot during your lessons and talk a lot more Spanish than you thought you are able to. After only one week you have made a process.

Nick Staniforth and Arian Mc Veigh, AMAUTA Student
Nick Staniforth and Arian Mc Veigh

Nick Staniforth and Arian Mc Veigh


Our teachers – Eliana, Patricia and Libia – were really professional and established a relaxed but effective learning environment in the classroom. This professionalism is reflected in the school´s administration, which is both friendly and helpful. As a result, we learnt more than we expected during our two weeks at Amauta Spanish School in Cusco.

We stayed at the school in Calle Suecia – our room, while basic, was clean and comfortable. The location of the school – only two blocks from Plaza de Armas – makes it easy to explore Cusco when you are not in classes.

Monument Valley  Middle School, AMAUTA Student
Monument Valley Middle School

Monument Valley Middle School

Nationality:United States

Our experience was really amazing. The classes, the teachers, the volunteer projects were all superb. All the students were very satisfied with their teachers; they were very kind and I am certain the students learnt a lot.

Working with the children at the volunteer projects was an unforgettable experience. Our students will take home some special memories and will never forget the Peruvian children.

AMAUTA’s administration staff had everything perfectly organized. Thanks to them as well to the Spanish School’s in-house travel agency Dos Manos in Cusco for their assistance and professionalism in running the excursions for our student group. We will definitely return in one of the coming summers!

Kirkwood Community College, AMAUTA Student
Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College

Nationality:United States

Our group leaders and teachers were overwhelmingly impressed with AMAUTA and the way the program was hosted in Cuzco. Their feedback indicated that the AMAUTA staff went above and beyond to accommodate student needs and that they would definitely repeat the program in Cuzco or elsewhere with AMAUTA Spanish Schools.

Overall, the program was a great one and we appreciate having had the opportunity to work with your AMAUTA staff.

Thank you for all of your assistance in making this program a great success!

Nicole Uttinger, AMAUTA Student
Nicole Uttinger

Nicole Uttinger


AMAUTA is great and has a really familiar atmosphere. The teachers are nice, funny and helpful. We laugh a lot in class and I learn really fast. I have just studied for two weeks, but I already know a lot. Besides, AMAUTA organizes excursions and activities for your free time: cooking class, cocktail class (prepare Pisco Sour) or movies. And if you have any question, you can always ask someone in the office.

I highly recommend AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco!

Cornelia Cortesi, AMAUTA Student
Cornelia Cortesi

Cornelia Cortesi


I´m having a great time here at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco. The school is really close to the main square, the residence is nice and comfortable. The teachers are really nice and can teach you a lot about the language and the Peruvian culture. After a week I have had a lot of different experiences and learned a lot about the country.

Michael Boehm, AMAUTA Student
Michael Boehm

Michael Boehm

Nationality:United States

The teachers at AMAUTA are the best! They use clear explanations and relevant examples, and are very patient when answering questions. When I first signed up for classes I expected to learn a lot of Spanish, but it was a pleasant surprise that I learned a lot about the culture and history of Peru as well. I highly recommend AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco no matter what level of Spanish you are at.

Laurens Coolsen, AMAUTA Student
Laurens Coolsen

Laurens Coolsen

Occupation:supply chain consultant,

AMAUTA is a highly professional company. Everything is arranged extremely well in the classes, the tours and activities in the afternoon. I obviously primarily came here to learn the basics of Spanish, but even for one week it was definitely worth it. The group classes are very interesting and fun as well.

Muchas gracias!

Franziska Graul, AMAUTA Student
Franziska Graul

Franziska Graul


Amauta Cusco has a really familiar atmosphere. Every evening or every day they offer cultural activities that on the one side connect the students and on the other side they are really funny. The classes are great. The teachers teach you a lot about the Peruvian culture and the classes include activities like e.g. a visit to a museum. The school is located just one block from the main square and the sunny terrace is excellent.

I can really recommend Amauta Cusco and I enjoyed my time here.

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