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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 191 to 200 in a total of : 577
Hannah M, AMAUTA Student
Hannah M

Hannah M

Nationality:United States

Amauta has been a wonderful experience for me. We change teachers every week, I have had a range of topics and every day is a new learning experience. The school is beautiful. You shouldn´t ask for a better view while you´re studying. My host family has been a privilege to live with, always gracious and very patient. Amauta has so many opportunities for cultural experiences and travel – the best part is that a lot of it is free. Even though Cusco can feel touristy at times, it´s still a beautiful city with a rich (and authentic) cultural heritage. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the thriving international community. The school has been very accommodating and helpful – I could ask for nothing more in a study abroad program.

Anita Stutz, AMAUTA Student
Anita Stutz

Anita Stutz


I´m having a wonderful time at AMAUTA Spanish School. All the students that I met here are friendly and interesting. The teachers are very helpful and support my progress in learning Spanish. The homestay was an authentic experience, I appreciated it very much. Living in the school is fun as well. Cusco is a nice place to travel to and enjoy your holiday.

Richard Thiele, AMAUTA Student
Richard Thiele

Richard Thiele


I spent almost 6 months together with the AMAUTA family and had a fantastic time. I did 5 months of classes with the awesome team of teachers. Even if I wasn´t always there, I had a lot of fun and learned not only Spanish but a lot about the history of the Inkas. Cusco is a beautiful place to stay and when you´re doing a volunteer project, you will get to know all faces of this city.
In wintertime, the rooms at the residence can be a little bit chilly but all the students living there, will warm and cheer you up. I really enjoyed my stay with AMAUTA and especially Cusco, Peru and South America.

Brian Rein Morris, AMAUTA Student
Brian Rein Morris

Brian Rein Morris


AMAUTA is more than just a place to learn Spanish. AMAUTA is a place for like minded travellers, students and volunteers. It´s a good way to see and live the culture of Cusco and the surrounding area, especially through sharing of ideas in what to do, where to go and how to get there. And of course participating in Spanish along the way.
The Sacred Valley of the Inca´s as an option to study Spanish is a great way to explore this region and learn Spanish in more tranquil setting. There you live and travel along side the local Peruvians and get a real feel for living in rural Peru. The traditional food served at the school was great and the accommodation had a lot of space. It was a great way to expand ones Spanish studying experience through AMAUTA.

Klaus Kessler, AMAUTA Student
Klaus Kessler

Klaus Kessler


I recommend AMAUTA, because the teachers are excellent. They know how to meet the student´s needs and see their weaknesses, so that they can teach them like necessary.

The international flair in school connects students from all over the world during their studies and free time.

Besides Cusco is a really historical city with beautiful landscape around and a lot of options for your free time.

Tamara Stoverink, AMAUTA Student
Tamara Stoverink

Tamara Stoverink

Occupation:Radiology technician (in a hospital)

I would recommend AMAUTA, because you can start classes at any level. Personally I started at the second beginner level, because I have already taken some classes in my hometown. Now, 3 weeks later, I could write this in Spanish, it will only take a bit longer.

The teachers are doing their job professionally. I switched from group to private lessons, because I felt I needed extra attention, and that was no problem at all. I can highly recommend private lessons, your learning goes much faster and the lesson can be easy adapted to your needs. It´s really intensive, but worth your time.

Sarah Brennauer, AMAUTA Student
Sarah Brennauer

Sarah Brennauer


AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, Peru, is located in the vivid center with its beautiful historical buildings and lots of bars around. While I was taught by native staff in small classes, my classmates were travelers from all over the world to make and exchange travel plans with. Furthermore the English speaking staff also had an open ear for my questions at any time. Staying with a really caring guest family encouraged me to learn the language quickly. Moreover, I enjoyed this accommodation apart from the tourism and this way got the chance to get to know the life of a Peruvian family authentically, but also stayed in contact with other travelers through the school.

Dietmar Haendit, AMAUTA Student
Dietmar Haendit

Dietmar Haendit

Nationality:United States

I selected AMAUTA because this school provided the best information in response to my questions. The school is very good and I like the teachers. My stay with the family in Cusco was good as well.

Raavand Halvard Haga, AMAUTA Student
Raavand Halvard Haga

Raavand Halvard Haga


I would recommend AMAUTA, because it´s a big school and it´s easy to make friends. They also have very good teachers, who see the student´s needs.

I´m living with a host family and it´s great. The family is very nice and helpful, so I would say AMAUTA has done a great job finding this family. Furthermore, the classes are small and that makes the environment for learning Spanish very good. And the classes are also adjusted to the Spanish level you are at.

Melinda Otto, AMAUTA Student
Melinda Otto

Melinda Otto

Nationality:United States

I would love to recommend AMAUTA teachers. During my two weeks I had five teachers, one individual teacher and four group teachers. My teachers were fun and really helpful. My teachers made me feel comfortable speaking in class and my individual teacher made me laugh a lot. It is a good school!

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