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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 201 to 210 in a total of : 576
Josette Bisschops, AMAUTA Student
Josette Bisschops

Josette Bisschops

Occupation:HR Manager

I recommed AMAUTA, because they organize everything very well. The staff is always willing to be there for you if you have a problem or just a small question. They make time for you. The experience of Spanish classes and volunteering is great! You get to know a different culture and because of volunteering you can do at least something for someone else. If you are doubting to do something like this, STOP doubting and just do it! It´s an experience you will never forget.

Elin Asbjarnardottir, AMAUTA Student
Elin Asbjarnardottir

Elin Asbjarnardottir


Yes, no question! I have been here for seven weeks now and could not be happier. The teachers are great, always willing to answer all my questions and are very nice. They make the learning process so great – lots of laughs and nice conversations are my favorite part of this experience. I will take with me a lots of great memories and new and fantastic friendships.

Yves Buergler, AMAUTA Student
Yves Buergler

Yves Buergler


The welcome was really warm and friendly. I stayed only one week at AMAUTA Spanish School, because I was on my journey through Southamerica. But in this week I learned the basics in the Spanish language really well. The teachers were friendly and helpful.

Thanks for the stay!

Elizabeth Froeberg, AMAUTA Student
Elizabeth Froeberg

Elizabeth Froeberg

Nationality:United States

AMAUTA is a great place to learn Spanish. The staff and teachers are helpful, intelligent and make learning Spanish really fun. The location is close to the Plaza de Armas and very convenient. I have loved my time getting to know other students, the teachers and advancing my Spanish level. I would recommend  AMAUTA to anyone who wants to learn Spanish, become more advanced in the language and who wants to learn in a fun and professional environment in the heart of Peru.

Erik Heuvens, AMAUTA Student
Erik Heuvens

Erik Heuvens


AMAUTA is placed 5 minutes near the main square. You have an amazing view of Cusco from the beautiful school terrace. You have people around you from all over the world. All of them are friendly and everybody helps you if you have problems.

If you want to learn Spanish it is the best way to do it in Cusco. You have small classes of different levels, the teachers help a lot if you don´t understand something. I recommend AMAUTA, because the school and the residence are like a big family.

Sandra Jacoma, AMAUTA Student
Sandra Jacoma

Sandra Jacoma

Occupation:Assistant Human Ressources

AMAUTA is a small school situated in the middle of Cusco. It´s a really great atmosphere and everyone is really nice. From here you can book treks and other activities.

The classes are small (2-6 students), so you can really benefit and learn a lot. The teachers are really nice and friendly. It´s the first time I left Switzerland to travel around. I couldn´t speak Spanish at all when I started here, but that´s no problem, because everyone supports you and you get used to the situation and language really fast.

You get breakfast and lunch at school which is really good and every day you get something different. I live here at school and would recommend it to everyone, because you meet a lot of new people from all over the world and make a lot of new experience nobody should miss.

Sander van der Heiden, AMAUTA Student
Sander van der Heiden

Sander van der Heiden


Everything has been well arranged. It started with my pick-up from the airport in Cusco. My flight was cancelled in Lima and therefore I arrived 2 ½ hours later than expected. I had no information on where my family was, so I was very happy to see Linder from AMAUTA standing there with a sign that had my name on it at Cusco airport. It´s nice that AMAUTA is situated close to Plaza de Armas, which is the centre of Cusco. I like the food that is being served at AMAUTA, especially the lunch – a very nice 3-course-menu. The porch at the school is a really nice get-together for all the students with coffee and tea served throughout the day. The teachers are also friendly and have a great interest in wanting to teach Spanish to all the students. Because of a rotating system, you also have (at least 1) different teacher each week, which is a good thing. All in all, AMAUTA has proved itself so far as a really good way to learn Spanish and at the same time just allowing us students to have a splendid time, enjoying all the other things Cusco has to offer.

Julia Höch, AMAUTA Student
Julia Höch

Julia Höch


I travelled to AMAUTA to visit Peru and to learn Spanish. I had a great time at AMAUTA. The Spanish lessons are well-organized, interesting and also funny, you have the chance to learn Spanish faster than by your own. The classes are small and the teachers really nice. Everybody I met was nice, friendly and helpful. Amauta is in the nice city of Cusco with its wonderful streets, plazas, churches and markets. Every day AMAUTA offers activities like cooking class, salsa, cocktail class or gives information about Peruvian festivals. You meet a lot of nice people with interesting stories. The rooms are also nice and clean, the food is delicious. There is a terrace to meet each other, learn or relax in the sun. I enjoyed my trip to AMAUTA a lot.

Rachel Davies, AMAUTA Student
Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies


I came to AMAUTA having only learnt some Spanish from a book. The experience of the school has been wonderful. The organisation is great, and people are really helpful and laid back. I´ve found the lessons challenging, but fun, and I am amazed at how much my Spanish has improved in only a week. I´m staying with a host family, and they have been welcoming and helpful. The atmosphere in the school is warm, and there is a wonderful sense of togetherness here. I am older than the majority of the students, and have enjoyed it immensly, and felt really part of things. I would highly recommend this school.

Sinad Painda / Lena Bader, AMAUTA Student
Sinad Painda / Lena Bader

Sinad Painda / Lena Bader


We would recommend AMAUTA, because of the good organization, every time there is someone you can ask and talk to. AMAUTA is also good located, near to the Plaza de Armas and near to the markets and restaurants. Everyone in AMAUTA is very friendly, so you feel like AMAUTA is a big family. You can have a lot of fun there. And the teachers are really good, so you can learn Spanish in a short time. There are lots of activities to join so you never have time to get bored.

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