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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 281 to 290 in a total of : 572
Rudy R. Garcia, AMAUTA Student
Rudy R. Garcia

Rudy R. Garcia

Nationality:United States

This is Rudy Garcia from Califonia USA. I just came back from Peru where I finished two weeks of the absolute best Spanish Immersion education I have ever had. The teachers are top notch and really care about the students learning as much as possible. The accommodation choices and quality are excellent, the meals are superb and the other elective activities are fun and educational. The stay and extra excursions booked by Dos Manos were awe inspiring and affordable. You have an excellent team and I will be back and I will recommend your services to anyone.

Emma Coronado, AMAUTA Student
Emma Coronado

Emma Coronado

Nationality:United States

AMAUTA is a great School located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, Cusco, Peru. The location, teachers, and classes create an unforgettable experience. Learning Spanish in Cusco is ideal because of the total immersion you experience. AMAUTA also provides many opportunities to experience Peruvian culture with movies, cooking classes and salsa lessons. I would recommend AMAUTA to anyone looking to experience Peruvian culture in a beautiful city and learn lots of Spanish along the way!

Sonja Corzilius, AMAUTA Student
Sonja Corzilius

Sonja Corzilius


This is my second time that I am learning Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco. I like Cusco very much. It is a small and nice city. I knew AMAUTA from last year and I liked the lessons. I think the teachers are very good and patient. I like their way of teaching. If you take classes 4 hours a day you will have two different teachers and I think that is good. I learned a lot at AMAUTA, so maybe till next year!!

Karen Bley, AMAUTA Student
Karen Bley

Karen Bley

Nationality:United States

We made all of our arrangements by internet and all of the communication was quick and very helpful. Teachers were well prepared and there was good communication between the two of them. There is a friendly and helpful attitude at the school, which adds an element of comfort. I appreciated the availability of hot tea on these cold mornings!

Anne Marlies Pieters, AMAUTA Student
Anne Marlies Pieters

Anne Marlies Pieters


Hola my name is Marlies and I am 21 years old. I have had one month of Spanish classes at AMAUTA in Buenos Aires combined with volunteer work. AMAUTA is a good place to learn the basics of Spanish in a short time. The teachers at school were very excited what makes the lessons real nice and easy to follow. Right now I am staying at the residence of AMAUTA in Cusco while I do volunteer work. There is a lot to do at school. They organize salsa classes, cooking classes etc etc. Also in Cusco there is a lot to do. Especially in the month of June. During this month there are a lot of festivals. Overall a great place to stay!

Soren Jensen, AMAUTA Student
Soren Jensen

Soren Jensen


I spend one week in Cusco in June 2010 with my wife and two daughters. We spoke no Spanish what so ever when we came and it is nice now at the end of the week to understand a little bit more. The teachers have been very positive and have created a good learning environment both for me and my wife and our two daughters who did not speak Spanish nor English. The school also provides other classes for free and we have participated in the cooking class. Recommendable!

Peter Eggiman, AMAUTA Student
Peter Eggiman

Peter Eggiman


Hace dos semanas Cusco y AMAUTA solo eran dos nombres en un papel. Ahora es una ciudad y una escuela con personas y lugares de interés que nunca olvidaré. He visto mucho y he aprendido mucho durante estas dos semanas. Gracias a mis profesores y la escuela hablo mejor el español y aprendí mucho sobre la historia del Perú. AMAUTA es una escuela excelente. Yo la recomendaría. Muchas gracias!

Daniel Muldoon, AMAUTA Student
Daniel Muldoon

Daniel Muldoon

Nationality:United States

AMAUTA is a very special School because it’s location allows you to be very close to all the action of the Plaza de Armas but at the same time provides a calm and secluded location for education without distractions. The facilities are very comfortable allowing places to chat and have a cup of coffee as well as having stunning views of Cusco below. The faculty at AMAUTA is top-notch, very friendly and relatable, with many years teaching experience. As well as classes of Spanish, AMAUTA offers Salsa, cooking, and other classes to expand the abilities of their students.

Maureen and Larry Green, AMAUTA Student
Maureen and Larry Green

Maureen and Larry Green


Thank you, AMAUTA, for the opportunity to work with Rossana, Elizabeth, Marina, Raul, and Marlene, and of course the very junior citizens of Cusco. This volunteer work has allowed us to experience the universal magic of childhood in a culture very different from our own.

We have been made to feel very welcome at the centre. The staff has been patient with our emerging Spanish abilities and have even offered us introductory Quechua! The work site is very handy for AMAUTA students living in residence. The hours are well suited to morning people and leave a good portion of the day available for more Spanish classes, exploring, or shopping. The volunteers' Spanish classes that AMAUTA provides to all volunteers, were very helpful in arming us with the necessary "imperativo" form of communication - "!No golpees!", "!No grites!"

We believe the project would be better described as a municipal daycare. The hours are more accurately 9:15 - 12:30. We saw very little organized activity and feel that the best type of volunteer for this project would be an early childhood educator with intermediate/ advanced Spanish skills. Otherwise, volunteers "babysit" the groups while staff are engaged elsewhere.

To make the experience easier for the children and their families, we suggest AMAUTA/our donation money be used on an ongoing basis for prepackaged damp face wipes post meals and snacks, plastic bibs of all sizes to cover clothes that families wash by hand(!) - plastic could be easily wiped and doesn't require laundering - and toothbrushes and toothpaste ... there is a lovely wooden toothbrush holder but we didn't see the toothbrushes in use.

All in all we have enjoyed playing with the children and we hope we have made their days brighter.

Maureen and Larry Green

Daphne Oerder, AMAUTA Student
Daphne Oerder

Daphne Oerder


I would recommend AMAUTA Spanish school because the teachers are all in all really sympathetic in their attitude to teach. If you have classes you have fun. The school is also well situated near the Plaza de Armas where you can find all facilities such as small shops to buy water, restaurants, clubs etc.

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