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Our Student in Peru

Testimonies of our students in Peru
Our students: 571 to 580 in a total of : 576
Liduine de Jong, AMAUTA Student
Liduine de Jong

Liduine de Jong


Because I wanted to learn Spanish in a short time I searched on the internet for the possibilities. I already knew that I wanted to go to Peru, because that county fascinated me. I decided to book a whole arrangement by an organisation in Holland which included: 4 weeks Spanish lessons and stay by a guest family and after that, 4 weeks voluntary work and stay in a student house. It's all arranged very well at AMAUTA. The day before I started my lessons we had a walking city tour. And during the weeks they organize lectures, movie, salsa and cooking classes to learn something about the country and to meet other students. The teachers I had were very professional and also friendly, humoristic and willing to help and the accompaniment for voluntary work was also very good. Till now (after 4 weeks) I'm very positive about AMAUTA!

Yuri Sales, AMAUTA Student
Yuri Sales

Yuri Sales


Hola, yo soy Yuri, como todo brasileño a mi me gusta futbol, caipirina, cerveza, discotecas, chicas y tambien me gusta mucho de viajar por bellos y divertidos sitios.
Cuando llegue a Cusco tuve problemas con la altitud pero por solamente dos o tres dias, despues pude conocer las bellezas de esta increible y cultural ciudad.
Estoy en Cusco hace dos semanas, ya he conocido algunas ruinas pero hay muchas mas cosas para conocer y para hacer tambien. Ademas de las bellezas naturales y los monumentos que los Incas construyeron tiene tambien una vida nocturna muy agitada. Es una ciudad muy cosmopolita con personas de todas partes del mundo.
En la escuela todos son muy amables, los professores, los estudiantes y las personas que trabajan aqui. Ya he hecho muchos amigos ellos son muy divertidos principalmente algunos holandeses locos.

Annik Musgrave, AMAUTA Student
Annik Musgrave

Annik Musgrave


My name is Annik and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I came here in Cusco in February because I got a year out of my studies in college. I really wanted to spend this time as usefully as possible so that’s one of the reasons that I’m studying Spanish and volunteering here at AMAUTA SPANISH SCHOOL. I want to make a small difference in the lives of those who might not be so fortunate in Cusco. Further I would like to share my experience with you for the coming up next 4 weeks.

Anna Müller, AMAUTA Student
Anna Müller

Anna Müller


Hola, Me llamo Anna, tengo 23 años y soy alemana. Terminé mis estudios en febrero de este año y el año pasado me decidí a ir a Sudamerica. Escogí Perú porque es conocido por su gente amable. Y es verdad: "mi" familia acá es muy simpática y amable y a mí me gusta mucho vivir con esta familia peruana. Ella me acogió de una manera cariñosa y me permite participar en la vida familiar.
Las clases de español me gustan mucho tambien: hay estudiantes de todas las partes del mundo y los profesores saben motivar los estudiantes y son muy buenos.
Además, Cusco es una ciudad muy bonita y es un buen punto de partida para excursiones diferentes: el Lago de Titicaca, Machupicchu, El Valle Sagrado del río Urubamba, la selva, diferentes sitios arqueológicos de los Incas,... es seguro que mi estancia de 8 semanas más no será aburrida!!

Janine Lanz, AMAUTA Student
Janine Lanz

Janine Lanz

Occupation:Social worker

First of all I came to Peru to travel, but I didn't know any spanisch.
I decided to attend spanish classes over here. Cusco seemed to be a good place to do it, so I booked 3 weeks of classes by a agency back in Switzerland. At the time I was pleased to be able to book a room at the schoolresidence as
Everything went very well and easy. I got picked up at the airport and could move in my room immediateley. Two days later on the classes started. Now, looking back, thinking, that I didn't know how to say anything, I notice, that I did learn much more then I thought. I got to know the present-, past- and future-tenses and a fair bit of vocabulary. The classes itselfs were interesting and fun at the same time. It is a very good way to learn in small groups and the teachers
do a really good job.
So during the week I would stay in Cusco and explore the city itselfs. On weekends I loved to catch a bus to a nearby pueblo and go for hikes in the area. There is a lot to see and to do around cusco and there will always be enough people to give one company. I had a very enjoyable time at AMAUTA and Cusco, and I would do it again the way I did it that time.

Hilbert van der Hout, AMAUTA Student
Hilbert van der Hout

Hilbert van der Hout

Occupation:Projectleader building trade

I went in march to Cusco to learn spanish in 4 weeks and to do 4 weeks of voluntary work. Because I never had spanish before, I thought it was better for me to stay those weeks in a gastfamily.

The lessons we had were quite intensive and with the fact that I had to speak spanish in my gastfamily, my spanish was getting better and better. The third week of lessons I stayed in Urubamba. This is also one of the schools of AMAUTA. It is a little village situated in the capital of the Sacred valley. I enjoyed the food, excursions and the lessons in the beautiful garden.

The lessons in Cusco were often once in the week in the morning and once in the week in de afternoon..so I had a lot of time to get to know Cusco. I did a lot of different kind of excursions with students I knew.

After four weeks living in a gastfamily I went to the school residence. The advantage of living in the school is that you meet a lot of international students. Now was it time for my voluntary work. I worked in a orphan (school) with only boys with the age of 5 till 18. I helped them with there homework, played with them or I organised some activities outside the school. I worked there only four weeks, but I felt that the kids really appreciated my presence.

Krista Kwantes, AMAUTA Student
Krista Kwantes

Krista Kwantes

Occupation:Employee administration

Hola, To learn Spanish at AMAUTA is a good choice. The school is one block and a half from the
Plaza de Armas, where are nice places to eat or to go out.
Cusco is a great place to stay for a while. The people are very friendly.
You can stay at a guest-family or you can stay in the Students House. Both options has there preference. At the guest-family you can improve your Spanish and at the studenthouse you have the opportunity to get to know other students from differents country's.
The studentshouse is very nice…there is a terrace where you can hang out and do your homework.
For the course is recommended, that if you don't speak or know any Spanish at all, it is better that you learn some at home or take private-lessons. Otherwise it is hard to learn.
So, enjoy your stay at AMAUTA….So did I.
Chau Kris.

Renata Jiamelaro, AMAUTA Student
Renata Jiamelaro

Renata Jiamelaro


Hola mis amigos!! Como están?
Estoy encantada desde que llegué a esta ciudad chévere que es Cusco. Todo acá es muy agradable... la arquitectura de la ciudad con la mezcla de construcciones incas y españolas, el paisaje, las personas siempre muy simpáticas y alegres, la comida hummmm..... y todo esto hace que Cusco sea un lugar único.
" Bonito... todo me parece bonito!" ;-)))

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