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Volunteer & Traineeship Vacancies for Pedagogues

Volunteer & Traineeship Vacancies

Volunteer & traineeship vacancies for pedagogues

For different social-educational projects in Cusco and Arequipa, Peru, we are looking for Pedagogues

1 to 2 in a total of 2
Work Code: VE1
For a kindergarten for 3 and 4 year old children we are looking for students in pedagogy or future teachers. There is a Ludoteca on the school’s ground where new materials are developed and where children from different schools in Cusco can come and play and practice with these materials. You will help the teachers to improve their teaching techniques and to develop new teaching materials. Besides that you will be teaching children from different schools who will come to the Ludoteca.
Level of Spanish:
Minimum Commitment:
4 weeks
Work Code: VE2
For an institute specialized in the nutrition for undernourished or malnourished children in the age of 6 month up to 6 years we are looking for teachers and pedagogues who will prepare the children to go to primary school. As a consequence of undernourishment or malnourishment most of the children in the institute are behind with their learning skills.
Level of Spanish:
Minimum Commitment:
8 weeks
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