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Volunteer & Traineeship Vacancies for Trainers and Coaches

Volunteer & Traineeship Vacancies

Volunteer & traineeship vacancies for trainers and coaches

1 to 2 in a total of 2
Work Code: VJ1
For a sports association we are looking for trainers, coaches or talented sportsmen. You will be training, coaching and organizing sports tournaments for poor children from different schools and projects that are invited to the sport fields of the club. At the club all kinds of equipment is available. Most popular sports are Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Table Tennis, Aerobics, soccer, volleyball and basketball.
Level of Spanish:
Minimum Commitment:
4 weeks
Work Code: VJ2
For a prison for boys from 8 till 18 years old in Cusco we are looking for trainers and coaches for different sports, especially soccer and basketball. The boys in the rehabilitation center are attending different workshops, like carpentry, sewing and shoemaking to prepare themselves for a future job. Besides they play lots of sports in the afternoons. For the boys sports are very important as a way to distract them but above all to work on their self-esteem. Especially the soccer and basketball teams already play at a fairly professional level! There is also the possibility to teach English and to organize creative workshops.
Level of Spanish:
Minimum Commitment:
4 weeks
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