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   Nov 29, 2020.
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Notre Enseignants


Les enseignants de l'école Amauta ont tous l'espagnol pour langue maternelle. Il s'agit de professionels qui ont a cœur de donner aux élèves l'expérience la plus complète qui soit de la culture et des coutumes péruviennes. L'équipe enseignante a été choisie pour sa compétence, son enthousiasme et sa connaissance de Cusco et du Pérou. Issus de divers pays d'Amérique latine, les enseignants de l'école Amauta ont tous reçu une formation donnée par l'école et bénéficient d'un programme de formation continue.


To teach Spanish at Amauta school is awesome. Because, we are not just teachers, we are your friends. Every single class is a therapy of entertaining where learns Spanish is easy and fun. I’m so happy of being part of this great family. So join us, it will be an unforgettable experience.

teacher NuryNURY SOSA

Here, apart from teaching the Spanish language, we share information about our culture, our lifestyle and our traditions. It is through learning a language that we become more aware of a particular culture. Because we come in contact with students from different parts of the world, we also are able to learn from them and experience a taste of their culture. We look forward to having you here at our school soon!.

teacher PatriziaPATRIZIA

Hello, I am specialized in language and literature as well as Quechua and the history of Cusco. Thanks to my degree I understand and know a lot more about my origin and the Andean culture, which makes me value it more. At the moment I teach communication, Quechua and investigation at the public musician college in Cusco and I am a Spanish teacher at the prestigious AMAUTA School. I love working at Amauta because of the relationship with so many different personalities from various places around the world which enriches my work as a teacher as well as a person.


To work at Amauta Spanish School is a fantastic experience. It is great to teach people from different countries, who speak many languages. It is exciting for me to teach beginners and after a week I can already speak some Spanish with them. The atmosphere is very familiar with all the students as all as with all the colleagues!.

Teacher RicardoRICARDO

I am a person who like to teach and talking about history, culture, etc. , and at the same time learning about my student`s cultures.

This sharing of information is ideal for me, because it is a help for a better learning of spanish.

teacher OrneliaORNELIA

Working in AMAUTA is a really special experience for me. I can do two things that I love at the same time: on the one side teaching Spanish and sharing my culture with the students as I am a big fan of my history and the Andean world, on the other side learning more about other cultures every day and interesting visitors in Cusco that I´m lucky to get to know.

teacher MijhaellMIJHAELL AUCCA

Teaching Spanish in AMAUTA is an important experience for me, not just because I can help the studentsto communicate but also because we can share experience, anecdotes, culture and current information.

I'm really happy to be part of this great team of professionals that mostly likes to help the students to learn the Spanish language.


Hi, my name is Alfredo and I love my job here at Amauta! What I like the most is to be able to help students learning spanish through different activities such as: games, music, visits to museums, etc. Also I've had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and share good times.

Alfredo MendietaMAGDA

Hello, I am Magda. I am very happy with my work at Amauta, because it is a school with a lot of experience in teaching Spanish, my mother tongue. Come soon, I would like to be your professor!.

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