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   Jul 8, 2020.
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Il Nostro Personale

AMAUTA possiede uno staff internazionale che parla molte lingue. Il nostro scopo principale é quello di farti migliorare il tuo livello di spagnolo e di rendere i tuoi studi qui il più piacevole possibile. Saremo felici di aiutarti a organizzare le tue attività, biglietti aerei ed escursioni, così come assisterti quando ne hai bisogno ed aiutarti a risolvere eventuali problemi. Vogliamo che la tua esperienza in Perù sia indimenticabile!

Peru Manager

Katy Rondon
Hi, my name is Katy. I am the General Manager here at Amauta. My job is very interesting with various tasks to be done. Before working here I had no idea that there were so many details that needed to be organized for your stay here in Cusco. We want to make sure that your time here at our school is pleasant and unforgettable. Our goal is that you leave Cusco with the most beautiful memories of our school and of this enchanting country.

Lara Neyra
Hello, my name is Lara and I love working here at Amauta. My job gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures from the students that come here to visit us. I enjoy being able to help the students with any questions or concerns that they may have during their studies here at Amauta. Lastly, Cusco is a beautiful city that I am sure you will love during your time here.

Head of Studies
Nury Sosa
I am really happy to be part of a team that is so committed to its work. I love to welcome the students every Monday and celebrate with them on Fridays with a Pisco Sour. It is a great way to acknowledge their achievements once they receive their certificates ater they are finished their course.

Volunteer Coordinator
Department of Webdesign and Computer Science
My name is Nicola and I’m from Scotland. I am working as the volunteer coordinator here at AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru. I have always had a passion for serving others and looking beyond my small understanding of the world to a broader perspective. Every day I have the privilege to help others through the challenging and life-changing experience of volunteering in a different country. I am excited to meet you and I look forward to sharing the beautiful people, landscape, history, and culture of Cusco!

Marketing and Sales
MAarielle Krul
Hello, my name is Mariëlle and I am from the Netherlands. I work for the marketing and sales department of Amauta. I am involved in PR-related issues in the European market, always trying to spread the word about what a fun and interesting continent Latin America is! Argentina and Peru are beautiful countries and offer excellent possibilities to learn Spanish. And studying at Amauta means you will not only learn the language, but also get fully immersed in the culture. I am sure you will enjoy yourself at any of our schools, whether in the energetic Buenos Aires, beautiful Cusco, mystic Sacred Valley, or the exciting Peruvian Rainforest!.

Marketing and Sales
Petra de Boer
My name is Petra and I am from The Netherlands. I am responsible for the internet sales concerning Spanish and volunteer programs in Peru and Argentina the tours for our travel agency Dos Manos. I am loated in Cusco, Peru. Peru is a country that has so many to offer but still considered as an underdeveloped country. The experience to work abroad and see a country like Peru developing from day to day is very unique and valuable. Thanks to the international staff here at AMAUTA I now have a second home and speak Spanish fluently! What will I miss when I leave Peru? The 'tranquilidad', the fresh fruit juices on the street and the beautiful view of the Andean Mountains. My favorite part of Peru? La Selva! (the jungle). Don't hesitate to come to Peru or Argentina, just do it! There is lot to be discoved!.

I & T Team
Department of Webdesign and Computer Science
IT Team
Hello, we work in Amauta´s IT department and we love the work that we get to do here. Much of what we do enables us to use our imagination and for that reason we are always learning something new. The best thing about working here at Amauta is that we have the opportunity to meet so many fun and unique people from all over the world. The city of Cusco and Amauta Spanish School are here waiting for you!.

Yolanda Huaman

I really love my work here at AMAUTA. I love the contact with the people from all over the world who come to Peru to learn Spanish and to travel.
I’m in charge of housekeeping and cooking and I am happy to be here!

Chef cook
Hi, my name is Carmen and it’s a pleasure to be the chef here at AMAUTA.
I prepare the daily warm lunch for the students at the AMAUTA residence and I love to see how people enjoy Peruvian kitchen



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