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11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

Thursday August 06, 2020 - Posted by to Travel in Peru
11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru| All your fellow students are going on a semester abroad to learn Spanish.

But you think that you can´t afford to do the same. How sad!

All of them will come back with great experiences, fluent in Spanish, with amazing new friends, having explored Peru.. ..but not you. ):

Don’t they say that intercultural experiences while studying abroad are priceless? But to you, it seems that the price for a Spanish Immersion Program Abroad is too high……

The truth is, there are some easy tricks to avoid spending a fortune and still travel abroad to Peru to learn Spanish!

Here are 11 Cheap Ways to study abroad in Peru and Learn Spanish in Cusco even though you think you cannot afford it…..

Keep on reading and discover these 11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru.

1. Study Abroad: Pick the right location

Choosing the right location for your study abroad program is the most important part and the first step towards your study abroad program. There are many excellent places to study Spanish in Latin America and Spain.

However, you should consider the cost of living in the respective city, currency and activities the chosen location offers.

A Spanish Immersion Program in Cusco, Peru for example, offers various ways to save money.  Here you can get a good deal for your study abroad program.

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

Cusco, Peru offers

  • High-quality Spanish courses
  • low costs of living (host families or other housing options)
  • endless opportunities for improving your Spanish through
    • varied activities,
    • volunteer work in Peru
    • accessible, friendly, open minded-local people
    • nice host families
  • a small city center to explore and to feel at home quickly
  • an amazing ancient culture,
  • a unique natural setting with many adventure tours and opportunities for trekking in Cusco


Compared to Northern Europe or North America, in Cusco, you can roughly be living of a third of your money than you would have to spend back home.

Of course there are other countries in Latin America that offer great value for money too.

The most affordable locations besides Peru are Ecuador, Bolivia and Guatemala.

But if you are lucky you can get a great deal for Colombia, Costa Rica or Mexico too.  Generally speaking, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile are the more expensive countries for learning Spanish.


> read more about the Six Unmissable Locations to Learn Spanish in Latin America.


2. Choose a good Spanish school

Once you have picked your destination, make sure you opt for a good Spanish School.

Compare prices, consider quality and reputation, read online reviews and check the Facebook page! All of this will give you an idea of what school you are dealing with.

And, last but not least, take a look at the included services in the prices of the Spanish Program Fee!

For instance, at AMAUTA Spanish School, Spanish courses in Cusco include:

  • a free pickup from Cusco airport (save between $ 7 and $ 25 US!)
  • study materials, placement test, certificate
  • free WIFI
  • free daily cultural activities (salsa, dance, Peruvian cooking…)
  • a student discount card for tours and activities in Cusco
  • special deals at the travel agency Dos Manos Peru Travel

as well as

  • an in-house doctor that offers a free medical consult to our students.
  • A free walking city tour and a welcome briefing.
  • A generous Discount Policy!
11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru
  • Tip # 1:

Check the discount options at AMAUTA.
For instance, the Spanish Group Course in Peru offers a 10% discount for a course for eight weeks and longer.

There are also discounts for couples, for students, for families as well as for early bird registrations.

Just contact us and ask for a personalized price quote!


  • Tip #2:

During the low season, there are even discounts on housing. Low season in Peru takes place from November to March.

Lastly, if our school has been recommended to you by a friend, don’t forget to mention this as you will be entitled the ‘Friends’ discount. Check here for more discounts on Spanish classes!


Other  Spanish schools in different countries of Latin America might have similar options to save some money on our reservations.


3. Research options for financial aid

There are many options to get economic support for a study abroad program. Make sure you check all the possibilities for study abroad scholarships in your country and other funding options (including loans).

Inform yourself at your university and ask in the office for foreign exchange about financial aid, scholarships, and loans.

Some of our students set up an online Crowd Funding to help them gather money for their Spanish Course in Peru or

Volunteer work in Cusco. Any of those options can help you to make come true your dream of an international study abroad

adventure and learning the Spanish language.


4. Invest time in looking for a cheap flight

Take some time and search for a cheap flight to Peru. Flying in from anywhere in the world outside South America, you first stop in Peru will most likely be Lima airport. From there, you will get a connection to Cusco.

If you choose your travel time in the low season of tourism in Peru (November to March) and outside of international vacation time (June – September), you are very likely to save money easily.

  • Tip # 1

We recommend you book two independent flights: one to Lima and one from Lima to Cusco. This option ends up being cheaper than buying one ticket directly to Cusco.
This is because if you do buy a separate domestic flight Lima – Cusco, you can choose more affordable Peruvian providers, while most international carriers only work with the most expensive providers (such as LAN or Avianca). Affordable domestic airlines that offer flights from Lima to Cusco are for example Peruvian Airlines, Viva Air or LCPeru.


  • Tip # 2

You might assume that it’s worth it to check affordable flights to another South American destinations like La Paz or Quito and that from there you can take another (cheap) flight to Lima or Cusco. Just to see if this is cheaper.

However, this will NOT be the case. South America is a vast area and flights within the continent are quite expensive. In other words: you are most likely going to get off better if you book a flight directly to Lima and from there, to Cusco.


  • Tip #3

It is an option to take the BUS from Lima to Cusco! It will save you approx. USD $ 30, or more (depending on the exact bus fare ánd on the available airfare on that particular day). It will cost you about 24 hours to travel over land. One of the most recommended bus companies is Cruz del Sur but there are also a few other (slightly cheaper) ones

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

Read more about  Finding Cheap Flights to Peru.


5. Take advantage of Student discounts in Peru

In Peru, you can save money with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

The cards grants various discounts for students all over the world, including in Peru. It costs 20$ per year, and you receive discounts on travel, accommodation, food and so on in your travel country.

Also in Peru, you will save money with your ISIC! For example, you receive USD $20 on the entrance to Machu Picchu and another $20 on the Boleto Turistico in Cusco, the entrance fee ticket that includes many different sites, museums, ruins in Cusco and the Sacred Valley (see below under #11 for more info on the Boleto Turistico in Cusco).


  • Tip # 1

When booking your flight, ask for a student discount with your ISIC – you are very likely to get a lower price if you are a student and holder of the ISIC!


6. Share your Travel Experience: make money

Have you ever thought about sharing your travel experience and gain some money through that?

There are many options you can publish your blogs about your journey, photographs or travel tips and make some money with it!

Are you a good blogger, photographer or are you good at translating?
At AMAUTA there are generous discount options for translators from English to German,
Dutch or Portuguese and (partial) scholarships!But also
if you want to write a blog for us at AMAUTA or share your travel
pictures – we have options to offer you some benefits in exchange!
Contact us!

7. Money issues in Peru: save on Exchange Fees

Check with your bank before you travel to Peru about the best options to withdraw money in Peru. In Cusco, the ATMs offer the options to either withdraw your money in Peruvian Soles or US Dollar. However it depends on your bank which is the less expensive option. Does your bank charge a lot for exchanging your local currency to Peruvian Soles? Then you should withdraw in US Dollar and then exchange into Soles in Cusco. If not, just withdraw Peruvian Soles.

  • Tip # 1

Avoid paying with credit card, many local business in Cusco charge administration fees as they themselves have to pay rather high fees to          the credit card providers.

It is advisable to bring some cash to Peru and then exchange it at the local “Casas de Cambio”. You can find many of these places to                    exchange money for a good rate in Cusco on the Avenida del Sol close to the main square Plaza de Armas.


  • Tip #2

Make sure you bring brand new dollar bills and not old ones that are (a bit) torn or with folds. The banks in Cusco will make pay you                less or old, damages dollar bills.


  • Tip #3

Read more: How to Handle your Money in Peru.

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

8. Avoid expensive touristic services: live like a local


There are various ways to adapt to the Peruvian way of life that is not complicated and that will make you save money quickly.

  • Pack smart for your trip to Peru: even though you can basically buy anything in Cusco and the costs of living are low, some articles might be even cheaper to buy in Cusco than in your home country. For example, you can get some equipment in Cusco for a good price such as hiking shoes, raincoats, sun block, hats, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, scarfs, gloves, and sweaters.
  • Buy local: Don´t go to the most expensive supermarket in Cusco where they offer all the important goods from Europe or the US. There are comparable and way cheaper products that are made in Peru or the neighbor countries that offer good quality!
    For example: don´t buy the imported Kellogg’s for cereal but go for the brand “Angel” made in Peru.
11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru
  • Go where the locals go! Use public transport systems like buses and buy at the local markets as the San Pedro Market. Don´t forget to negotiate – you can usually get at least a 10% off the original price they tell you in the first place!


9. Food and eating out in Cusco

When it comes to food in Cusco, there are various ways you can save some money and enjoy the amazing Peruvian food. Cusco offers high-class gourmet restaurants, usually located around the main square, Plaza de Armas. Here, you can easily expect the same prices as in your home country – if not more expensive!

But if you avoid these expensive restaurants and you head a little off the Plaza de Armas – already two blocks away you will find smaller, more traditional restaurants that offer good food for very affordable prices.

  • Tip # 1

Cusco also offers nice street-food, and you can eat amazing dishes at the Peruvian market. However, when it comes to testing out food in Peru, be a it precautious. If you have a sensitive stomach – you should consider investing some more money here and save at a different end.


  • Tip # 2

Another great option is to cook at school! If you are a student at AMAUTA and you live in the Student Residence, you have breakfast and lunch for free. The food at AMAUTA is safe and delicious. So, eat whenever there is cooked for you at the school, don´t waste your money on tons of snacks. You can use the kitchen at the AMAUTA Residence and cook something simple (with your fellow students) for the night!

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

10. Choose the right tours and activities

There are so many things to see in Cusco that you should not miss out on seeing at least the ruins close to Cusco! Even if you can´t afford to take a round-trip to visit all Peru – there are some good options to explore the close by areas and Inca ruins.

Instead of investing in a tour, take the local bus and explore the ruins on your own route.

As Cusco is very close by to a lot of ancient places of the Inca (for example Sacsayhuaman, Tipón, Tambomachay, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, Chincheros…..), you can easily make use of local public transport to get to the ruins!

11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru

Don´t try to save on a cheap guided tour! If you do decide to invest in a tour in Cusco, don´t go for the cheapest option. Cheap agencies may not have a license, no maintenance to equipment, no professional guides and thus can offer the lowest prices. This is especially true for adventure tours like hiking, zip lining or rockclimbing. Here you can read some tips on how to avoid tourist traps in Cusco.


  • Tip #1

There are many incredible hikes in the Cusco area you can do on your own (with a few friends). Or take part in the free activities as an AMAUTA student! At AMAUTA, you can take part in free Peruvian cooking classes, dance classes, cocktail classes to get the full cultural experience!


11. Think smart: Plan ahead

If you plan ahead and buy the Boleto Turistico for Cusco, you can save money on entrance fees to tourist attractions, ruins and museums, as this ticket grants you entrance to many sites in and around Cusco and you don´t have to pay for every single site!

However, the ticket is only valid for 10 days so you have to plan a little and think smart. The Boleto Turistico may seem rather expensive, however if you are interested in visiting those sites, you will end up paying more paying for all different entrance fees. You can read more about the Boleto Turistico here.

We hope you got Inspiration with these 11 Incredible Cheap Ways to Study Abroad in Peru and you can start preparing your study abroad program soon! And maybe we see you in Cusco!


If you want to receive the brochure of our Spanish Course and Gap Year Programs in Cusco, just drop as an email ( our contact form to say “11 smart ways”, to get a 10% discount on your Spanish classes if you book NOW!

Bonus Tip!

12. Find Comfortable and cheap housing!

Save money by choosing the right accommodation for your stay in Peru!

Housing can take a large part of your budget, so it’s important to look for the best option, comparing prices, location and services provided. If you want to make the most out of your Spanish course in Peru and practice your Spanish with the locals, living in a guest family in Peru is a good option. Remember a homestay includes two (Peruvian) meals a day.

Another great option for our students in Cusco is the AMAUTA student residence downtown Cusco, where two meals are prepared daily by the AMAUTA cook. Since you live in the city centre of Cusco, no money will be spent on transport costs as you are at walking distance from the main square, the market area, the Avenida del Sol and the San Blas quarter.

For our students in Lima, we recommend Tellanto. Tellanto provides safe, comfortable and especially social shared housing in Lima.

With years of experience, Tellanto hasgood reviews and is highly recommended by many students and universities.”


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