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Hola!  Welcome to the AMAUTA Spanish Schools blog!

At our Spanish Schools in Cusco and Buenos Aires, we provide the best Spanish courses and cultural immersion experiences for our students.  We encourage our students to step outside of the Spanish classroom, to enjoy the local culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru and Argentina.  During or after finishing your Spanish course, we greatly encourage participation in our volunteer program in Cusco or Buenos Aires, where you will really get the chance to practice and improve your  Spanish language skills and give back to local community.

Here at our AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep you posted about what is happening out our Spanish schools, as well as what´s going on in and around the cities of Cusco and Buenos Aires.  We´ll also post fun articles about Peruvian and Argentinian culture, cuisine,  local fiestas, what to see in Cusco, & where to go in Buenos Aires, etc. 

We´ll include advice about which weekend excursions to sign up for and which free cultural activities are available. And after reading our section of student reports, you´ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco and Buenos Aires.  

Pair Spanish Classes with Cultural Experience of Peru

Tuesday September 27, 2016 - Posted by
Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley

Study Spanish in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pair Spanish Classes with Cultural Experience of Peru
As everyone sometimes needs a change of perspective, AMAUTA regularly organizes a week Spanish immersion trip to the Sacred Valley, from Sunday to Saturday. Just 90 minutes outside of Cusco by bus, AMAUTA students are offered a totally new perspective of the region of Cusco while improving their Spanish skills.

While living at AMAUTA´s serene location in Yanahuara, the Sacred Valley offers various possibilities to discover the beautiful valley outside of Spanish classes. Students will have their Spanish courses either in the morning or in the late afternoon. (more…)

Visit San Telmo for your multicultural Sunday in Buenos Aires

Tuesday September 20, 2016 - Posted by
Visit San Telmo for your multicultural Sunday in Buenos Aires!
Visit San Telmo for your multicultural Sunday in Buenos Aires!

The opportunities to relax and visit interesting places in Buenos Aires are almost endless, for our Spanish students in Buenos Aires. If you have decided to to take a Spanish course in Argentina, don’t worry about feeling bored not a single afternoon. The opportunities for activities in the Argentine capital are endless.


Journey through the History of Palacio Barolo

Tuesday September 13, 2016 - Posted by
Journey through the History of Palacio Barolo

Journey through the History of Palacio Barolo

Did you know….. That you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, in what once was the tallest building in whole South-America? Go up to the lighthouse and you will encounter amazing views of the city center of Buenos Aires and surroundings. And have you ever wondered why this building has such a special architecture? Palacio Barolo is actually one of the largest monuments in the world inspired by the famous Italian poet, Dante Alighieri. Every single piece of architecture here has a historical and mystic story behind it! After reading this article you will never go to Spanish classes as you did before. We invite you to read this Journey through the History of Palacio Barolo….

Dante’s The Divine Comedy

Mister Barolo and Italian architect Mario Palanti, were both big fans of Dante´s work. Therefore, they decided to dedicate a whole building to him which became the Barolo Palace in 1890, with Dante as their true inspiration. (more…)

Tango Dancing in La Catedral Buenos Aires

Thursday September 08, 2016 - Posted by
Tango Dancing in La Catedral Buenos Aires

Tango Dancing in La Catedral Buenos Aires.

Would you like to learn to dance the Tango as a real porteñ@! How? Read it here in this blog about Tango Dancing in Buenos Aires.

There are many reasons for visiting the stunning Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Learning Spanish (more about Spanish classes in Buenos Aires) is definitely one; but learn How to Dance Tango is definitely another good reason!

Tango Shows
Buenos Aires has an enormous offer of tango shows, tango clubs and tango classes throughout the city. It does not really matter where you go, dancing the tango is always a lot of fun and the quality of tango dancing is, generally spoken, very high in in Buenos Aires.

Teaching English in Peru

Friday September 02, 2016 - Posted by
Peru cusco volunteer teaching english
Teaching English in Peru: the Ideal Volunteer Experience

Do you wonder how you can make a difference as a volunteer in Peru? We have the answer for you! Teaching English in Peru is a great way to impact the lives of Peruvians, especially Peruvian children.

Most of the better paying jobs in Peru for locals are in the tourism industry, and it is necessary to speak English to work in tourism. Therefore, teaching English to Peruvians will give them the opportunity to get a better job and, ultimately, have a better life.