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40 Spanish phrases you should know

Monday July 08, 2019 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
40 Spanish phrases you should know

40 Spanish phrases you should know

There are few things more frustrating than floundering with the local language while traveling.

Many of us are probably guilty of using hand signals and a Spanish word here or there, but it’s not exactly the best way to communicate if you want to get the most out of your stay in Latin America.

If you’re headed to Peru , knowing some Spanish will help you better understand the culture and make your trip much more fulfilling. (this being said: if you really want to get serious about your Spanish, there’s no better way to do it than by taking Spanish lessons in Peru.)

While you don’t need to know how to discuss the state of the global economy with the people in Peru, you should at least know the basics in Spanish like introductions, ordering meals and getting from A to B on a bus. Therefore, we made the following list for you with 40 Spanish Phrases you should know.

40 Spanish phrases you should know


To help you get started, below is a list of 40 Spanish phrases you’re likely to use during your travels in Peru.

  1. What’s your name? … ¿Cómo te llamas? (or the more formal ¿cómo se llama?)
  2. My name is ___ … Me llamo ___ (or: mi nombre es)
  3. Where are you from? … ¿De dónde eres?
  4. I am from ___ (eg the United States) … Soy de ___ (los Estados Unidos)
  5. What does ___ mean? … ¿Qué significa ___?
  6. How much is it? … ¿Cuánto es? (or: cuánto cuesta)
  7. That’s very expensive … Es muy caro
  8. Do you have change? … ¿Tiene cambio?
  9. What time do you close/open? … ¿A qué hora cierra/abre?
  10. Do you have wifi? … ¿Tiene wifi?
  11. What is the password? … ¿Cual es la contraseña?
  12. Do you know when / what / where / how…? … ¿Sabe(s) cuándo / qué / dónde / cómo …?
  13. Excuse me / pardon / I’m sorry … Disculpe / perdón / lo siento
  14. Do you have a menu? … ¿Tiene(s) la carta?
  15. What do you recommend? … ¿Qué me recomienda(s)?
  16. A beer/wine please … Una cerveza/un vino, por favor
  17. Coffee with milk please … Café con leche, por favor
  18. To share … Para compartir…
  19. To takeaway … Para llevar…
  20. I (don’t) like … (No) Me gusta/gustan


40 Spanish phrases you should know


  1. It was really tasty! … Estuvo muy rico!
  2. The bill, please … La cuenta,, por favor
  3. Can I pay with a card? … ¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta?
  4. Where is the bathroom? … ¿Dónde está el baño?
  5. Where is the cash machine? … ¿Dónde está el cajero automático?
  6. Where is (the bus station)? … ¿Dónde está (la estación de autobuses)?
  7. What time does the bus leave/arrive? … ¿A qué hora sale/llega el autobus?
  8. Is this the right stop? … ¿Eso es la parada?
  9. I want a ticket to … Quiero un boleto a ….
  10. Please take me to this address … Por favor, llévame a esta dirección
  11. The hotel is on the right / left / straight on … El hotel está a la derecha / izquierda / recto
  12. Do you have a double/single room? … ¿Tiene una habitación doble/individual?
  13. I speak a little Spanish … Hablo un poco de español
  14. I don’t speak Spanish … No hablo español
  15. Do you speak English? … ¿Hablas inglés?
  16. I don’t understand … No entiendo
  17. Can you speak more slowly, please? … ¿Puede hablar más despacio, por favor?
  18. I have been in ___ for ___ days / weeks / months … He estado en ___ por ___ días / semanas / meses
  19. I am going to ___ next … Voy a _____ próximo
  20. Where can we go Salsa dancing? … ¿Dónde podemos ir a bailar salsa?


Now you know some basics in Spanish , don’t forget to combine them with a friendly greeting (hola, como estás, qué tal); a por favor, gracias; and of course, a smile!


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