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5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

Tuesday May 03, 2016 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

5 amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco.

Cusco – the old Inca Capital and now a hot spot for travellers in Peru – is a city that has a lot to offer, especially with restaurants and bars. Because there is so much to offer, it is hard to decide which restaurants to go to. To make this decision easier, I made a list of 5 bars and restaurants that you Must Visit when you are learning Spanish in Cusco and living here for a while.

  1. Limbus Resto Bar – Dining with a view!

5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

Cusco is a beautiful city that lies in the valley of the Andes Mountains. Because of this you have a lot of restaurants and bars with an amazing view over the city.

Limbus Resto Bar is situated in San Blas. It is quite a walk up, but it is definitely worth it! The style of the restaurant is a little bit retro, with a long bar in the middle and several lounge areas with comfy couches and chairs. The whole restaurant is surrounded by glass, so everywhere you look you have a great view of the city. There is also a balcony where you can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. They have a good menu with several plates to “share”, delicious starters and main dishes for every taste! And last but not least they offer all kinds of cocktails, like Sasha Grey and many others. When you visit Cusco, you should visit this awesome bar and enjoy the amazing view and atmosphere!

  1. The Meeting Place – Dining for a good cause!

5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

This cafe is the best place to hang out if you want to enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch or a cup of coffee. It is situated in the San Blas Plaza. It is small but very cosy, with an open area in the middle and a nice lounge area in the back with comfy couches. The cafe is run by volunteers, and the money that they earn goes to a charity program for little children in Cusco. So eating and drinking here is also for a good cause! They offer amazing milkshakes, such as the Oreo and Monkey business milkshakes. They also offer really good sandwiches and waffles. So if you want to relax, read a book from the bookshelf and enjoy a nice meal, you must visit this lovely, very friendly café!

  1. Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse – The best Alpaca in town!

5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

Have you always wanted to try Alpaca? Then this is the place to go! At Uchu’s the meat and fish are served on a hot stone with salad and potatoes on the side. The restaurant is situated close to the Plaza de Armas on Calle Palacio. The prices are a little bit higher than most restaurants in Cusco, but the food, the service and the drinks are amazing. They offer an extensive menu with a lot of variety. The restaurant has a luxurious atmosphere with very friendly staff. Don’t hesitate to try the Alpaca, you will fall in love with it!

  1. La Bodega – Good old fashioned PIZZA!

5 Amazing Bars and Restaurants you must visit in Cusco!

Do you have cravings for delicious Italian food? Then you must visit la Bodega! This Italian inspired restaurant offers all kinds of homemade Italian food. Pizzas, pastas, salads, lasagne’s etc. It is situated at Herrajes, not far from the Plaza the Armas. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere with a modern feel to it. So if you want to eat good Italian food, drink a nice beer (or a glass of wine) in a nice atmosphere, you must visit La Bodega!

  1. The Curry House Korma Sutra – Indian food it is!

Are you a fan of spicy food? Then you must visit this lovely restaurant. The walls are decorated with paintings of Indian people, the waitress is a lovely Indian lady and the food is awesome. Also, if you aren’t really a daredevil, don’t really like spicy food, or can’t handle it (like me), this restaurant is still a good choice! They also offer less spicy food. The restaurant is situated at Calle Tandapata and it is certainly worth a visit! Tip: They also offer Alpaca steak with a delicious Indian sauce.

Thanks to Dieneke Temmerman.

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