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6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap Year

Wednesday December 30, 2020 - Posted by to Travel in Peru
6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap Year

Did you just graduate from a long year of virtual high school and are uncertain about what to do next? Maybe you need a break  before you start college classes, or you want to wait until university campuses are more secure and ready for students. Perhaps you just need a break from studying or working, and want to explore the world? Find 6 reasons to consider Peru for your gap year!

This is a great time to book our gap year in Peru including Spanish lesssons in Cusco or Lima, do volunteer work, or travel and study at different locations with the Travelling Classroom! You can even obtain the best and safest hotels for great offers. Keep reading and find out why Peru is the Perfect Destination for your Gap Year! Peru has it all!


  1. Peru has it all!

Peru is a diverse country with many different climates and environments. Spend time in the clean, fresh mountain air by trekking in the Andes mountains, rafting, quad biking, surfing, swimming on the coast, sand boarding or riding a sand buggy in the dessert, exploring Peru’s wildlife in the rainforest or visiting the Inca Citadel Machu Picchu during your gap year in Peru.

Now is the best time for you to find the most authentic Peruvian experiences that will immerse you in the local culture as opposed to falling into busy, overcrowded, tourist traps.

Peru has it all!


6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

  1. Learn a world language: Spanish!

Spanish is the second most spoken native language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese, with about 500 million native speakers.

Spanish is the official language in over 20 different countries in Central and South-America and in Europe.

By learning Spanish you can communicate with millions of people. And Spanish is just increasing in countries like the United States.

The United States now has the second largest Spanish-speaking population outside of Mexico.

Spanish is also a really beautiful language and not very difficult, you can learn to speak Spanish quickly!

Especially when you are in a country where the language is spoken! Spanish studies look great on your Curriculum Vitae.

And you will improve your conversational skills even faster when living with a local Peruvian host family during your Spanish course in Peru.


  1. Volunteer and help out at local projects


There are many options to work as a volunteer in Peru and to help the local communities, especially in the surrounding areas of Cusco.

There are many projects with children that need your help. You can help out by playing with them, teaching them English or helping out with painting and cleaning the location. There are also options at local schools and hospitals.

After the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the tourism industry, brought Peruvian hospitals and clinics to their knees, left thousands of children without education and many families without food or work, now is the best time to volunteer and show your support for the kind and beautiful Peruvian people.

Volunteering is a perfect way to improve your Spanish and to give back to the local community during your gapyear in Peru.

As a volunteer, you can live with a local Peruvian host family or in a student residence in the city center of Cusco with other international students and volunteers.

6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

  1. Cusco is an amazing city!

Cusco was the former capital of the Inca Empire and is, therefore, the perfect place to explore the many Inca ruins and Inca walls in and just outside of Cusco. Cusco also has colonial influences which you can see in the many churches and museums in the city.

Cusco is small; you will be able to move around by foot most of the time, as everything is nearby.

There are many nice, clean restaurants, bars and cafes on the typical cobble stoned streets.

Cusco even offers nice opportunities to go out.

6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

  1. Enjoy the Peruvian culture & cuisine

Learn about the history of the Incas during your gap year in Peru and try the delicious Peruvian food; lomo saltado (stir-fried beef with onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes) and aji de gallina (chicken with rice in a special yellow pepper sauce).

Or very special dishes like cuy, guinea-pig or alpaca steak.

6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

Enjoy Peru’s beautiful traditional festivals and the many colorful parades on the streets; see traditional dances to Peruvian music

and try the local food.

When you are walking the streets you will run into women in colourful traditional clothing with llamas and alpacas and they will all want to take pictures with you!

  1. Make new friends during your gap year in Peru!

Peru is a popular destination for backpackers, all year round. The city is full of nice restaurants and bars and it is very easy to make new friends. But you will not only make international friends!

Peruvians are very friendly and love to meet new people. If you choose to live with a host family during your gap year while learning Spanish, they will be happy to introduce you to more people and be your friend for life.


Taking a gap year in Peru is a great opportunity and might be a life changing experience!

The gap year benefits are obvious and learning a new language and living abroad are only a few gap year pros.

Peru is waiting for you!

6 reasons to consider Peru for your Gap year

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