7 important Foods in Cusco with the letter “C”

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7 Important Foods in Cusco that Start with the Letter “C”


7 important Foods in Cusco with the “C” —- Living and travelling in Cusco is a blast, but it can be a bit confusing whenever facing the Spanish language. Also for, or may be: especially for our students learning Spanish in Peru. Even more challenging is straightening out all of the popular foods in Cusco that are somewhat similar and begin with the letter “C”. This article will help you learn the most popular important Foods in Cusco that start with the Letter “C”.


Choclo is the Cusqueña corn that has big, white kernels and is eaten with white cheese. It is usually sold by older, native women on the side of the street. However, choclo is also used to make creamy soups, and eaten plain as an appetizer for many typical Peruvian meals.



Inti Raymi, Cusco



Coco means ‘coconut’ in English and is most likely found on top of yummy pastries or desserts. If you walk into a bakery in Cusco, you are likely to find this word on the menu.



Cuy is guinea pig and one of the most famous and beloved foods in Cusco – by the locals at least. Many Peruvian families in Cusco raise them, then roast and season them to consume. Cuy is not eaten every day, but rather is reserved for special occasions such as birthdays and other important celebrations. Nowadays, most tourists want to test their bravery and have it on their list of foods to try. If you are one of those we recommend you read this blog about this controversional Andean delicacy: cuy.


June Festivals, Cusco, Peru


Coca (or: coca leaves, hoja de coca) is used to make cocaine and is most often consumed as “mate de coca” which means “Coca Tea” in English. You drink it to combat altitude sickness (or: Soroche) or sometimes the leaves are chewed to suppress fatigue, hunger, thirst or pain. It could easily be the first thing you drink when arriving to Cusco, many hotels and hostels offer it as a welcome drink. The coca leaves are an important part of the Peruvian culture.



Coca Cola is occasionally shortened to Coca in restaurants in Cusco when asking which soda you would like to drink, so do not confuse it with “mate de coca”. Coca-Cola is very much loved among the Peruvians and is drunk at birthday parties, celebrations, and everyday life. However, its biggest competition is Inca Kola, which is almost always preferred by Peruvians.



Cacao can be found in packaged bars in any little store. It is usually used to make hot chocolate, adding cinnamon, milk, sugar, or water.


June Festivals, Cusco, Peru



Chicha Morada

Chicha Morada is one of the most common, non-alcoholic drinks made out of purple corn and boiled in pineapple. It is one of the main drinks in restaurants and can usually be bought as an individual glass or in a big pitcher to share.

!Buen provecho! and enjoy your time in Peru, travelling around, or learning Spanish and doing volunteer work at one of our many volunteer projects in Cusco.


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