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7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

Thursday October 01, 2015 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try.

Argentina is known for its meat and its steaks, but that’s not all Argentina has to offer, as I quickly found out upon starting my Spanish course in Buenos Aires. There is much more! Here are some typical Argentine snacks and drinks you must try.


An alfajor is an amazing cookie. Alfajores come in different flavours and styles, but it basically consists of two cookies with dulce de leche trapped in between. Some are then covered in glaced sugar or chocolate. Argentina is world’s largest consumer of alfajores. You can buy one in any supermarket or kiosk. Don’t have too many of these though, since they contain a lot of calories!



A Submarino is a popular drink. It is made by dropping a bar of chocolate into a cup of hot milk. Stir it till it disolves. This drink is mostly consumed in the winter. You can get one in the famous Café Tortoni or any other café/restaurant.



A Medialuna is like a little croissant, but sweeter. Argentines love them for breakfast, for lunch or as a snack. You can get them at every bakery or cafe (or supermarket, but those are generally not as good).



An empanada is a stuffed bread, usually baked or fried. Common stuffings are carne (meat), pollo (chicken), queso y cebolla (cheese and onion) and queso y jamón (cheese and ham). They are very delicious and you can get them at a bakery, restaurant or any chiringuito (little fast-food shop). Argentine people LOVE empanadas and they are very proud of them too.



Choripan is a sandwich with chorizo (chori = chorizo, pan = bread). Sometimes it is served with tomato, lettuce and chimichurri, then it is called a choripan complete. Choripan is often sold on the street or in a chiringuito.


Sandwich Milanesa

This is a sandwich containing breaded meat or chicken (for some known as schnitzel), lettuce, tomato and sometimes a slice of ham and/or cheese. Often they are served with papa fritas (french fries) on the side. Only get one of these bad boys when you are really hungry, since it’s a lot!



Last but not least Typical Argentine Mate is a caffeine-infused tea. You make it by putting tealeaves into a wooden cup. Later you add water and drink it through a metal straw. This drink is often shared with family, friends or colleagues. When a person has taken a few zips, hot water is added again and the cup will be passed on to the next person. Having mate is a very typical Argentine ‘event’ you do not want to miss!

Typical Argentine Mate

Davey Emmers, Buenos Aires, September 2015

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