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A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

Thursday May 19, 2016 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

If you are planning on coming to Argentina for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires, one of the most important things you have to arrange is housing. Of course you have the option to take a homestay through the school and for sure you will have a great experience.

However, if you wish to arrange your own accommodation, the following information is very usefull for you. Buenos Aires is a very big city with many neighborhoods, and if you have never been to this city, it might be difficult to choose a particular neighborhood.

I have experienced this myself before coming to Buenos Aires for my internship in Argentina and I was really puzzled by the many neighborhoods and the many different suggestions that people made about them. By describing the best known neighborhoods and –in my opinion- the best ones to live in, I hope it will help you in your search for the perfect place to live in Buenos Aires during your Spanish classes!


A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

By far the most trendy, well-known and largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires is Palermo. Many tourists and foreigners choose to stay in Palermo during their time in Buenos Aires, as it is also considered one of the safest neighborhoods. Palermo is characterized by its buzzing nature and youthful vibe; it is the neighborhood that never sleeps. It has many clubs, bars, restaurants and it has much more entertainment to offer. It is a fashionable neighborhood with a European touch. If you want to escape the busy heart of Palermo, you can go to the beautiful parks which Palermo offers, such as: Bosques de Palermo, the Botanical Gardens and the Polo Fields. If you would like to live in a trendy neighborhood with lots of entertainment, than Palermo definitely is a great choice.


This neighbourhood is well-known for the famous Recoleta Cemetery, which gives Recoleta a historic and architectural interest. The neighbourhood is the cultural heart of the city and it has many historical buildings and museums, for example: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Recoleta Cultural Center and the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano. So, if you like culture, architecture and history, then this neighborhood might be the perfect fit for you!


A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

This neighborhood is characterized by its tall buildings, chique residential homes and many shops. In Belgrano you will also find Barrio Chino, the Chinese neighborhood, which is a must-see for sushi lovers. Walking around Belgrano is never boring because the streets are always busy and filled with people. Belgrano is quite new and because of its many tall buildings, it has a business district vibe. If you like new neighborhoods with tall buildings and many shops, then Belgrano will make you feel right at home.

San Telmo

A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

San Telmo has a real, local Argentinean feel with a true soul. It has beautiful, old streets, talented tango dancers, and local bars and restaurants where you can have typical Argentinean food and drinks. The neighborhood is old: it is filled with worn down buildings and cobblestone streets. It has a rough exterior because of political graffiti and at times you might feel a bit vulnerable in this neighborhood because of the sketchy streets. In San Telmo you will find “Feria de San Telmo”, a huge market with typical souvenirs of Argentina, which is a must-see for every traveler coming to Buenos Aires. If you would like to live in a real Argentinean neighborhood, than San Telmo is your best pick.


A Guide to the Nicest Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

This neighborhood is situated in the city center of Buenos Aires and encompasses the main business district. Microcentro has a lot of shops and sightseeing hotspots such as the Obelisk, Avenida 9 de Julio, La Casa Rosada and the Congress. It is a busy neighborhood and might get a little unsafe at night, so be sure to take care. The city center of Buenos Aires is not, unlike almost any other city, the place to be where everything happens. Although Microcentro has a lot to offer, other neighborhoods in Buenos Aires are considered “centers” as well. If you like the busy life and business atmosphere, while also having access to the city´s sightseeing hotspots, then Microcentro is a great option for you.

Wherever you might end up, just make sure that you enjoy it and you learn loads of Spanish!
Insider´s tip: if you want to know what the area looks like, you can always do a street view in Google Maps.

Elise de Gier.

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