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AMAUTA Skype lessons : your own Spanish teacher online!

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Amauta Spanish Lessons via Skype

AMAUTA Skype Lessons: Your Own Spanish Teacher Online

Have you always wanted to start learning a new language? The Spanish language? Our Spanish lessons via Skype or Zoom are a great option for you!

AMAUTA Spanish School now offers Spanish classes online with a private tutor and you get a FREE TRIAL.

The Spanish lessons take place in the comfort of your own home, at the time that is most convenient for you, all while respecting your own pace and rhythm.  And taking online Spanish classes helps support the livelihood of local businesses and Spanish teachers!

Do not hesitate, and try AMAUTA Spanish Lessons Online, with your own native Spanish Teacher in real-live sessions.


Our Spanish classes online are for everyone interested in learning Spanish in a fun, affordable way. This is the most flexible yet effective way of learning a new language from their own house or office.

Skype and Zoom are easy to use platforms and free! Online Spanish classes can be booked at any moment for a minimum of one hour! All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet, a headset with a microphone (and a Skype account*).

AMAUTA Skype lessons : your own Spanish teacher online

*(we also offer classes via Google Hangout)



The Spanish lessons are for everyone, for all ages, from young to old and all nationalities.

  • Studying Spanish at school? Benefit from extra individual lessons Online via Skype or Zoom
  • Need Spanish for your work? We can customize your classes and include professional topics.
  •  Take classes with your family! Skype classes are an amazing way to bond with your family and share life-long memories.
  • Will you be spending time in Spain or Latin America in 2020 or 2021? Learn the basics of the Spanish language and be prepared. Skype is the best way to learn Spanish for beginners. Our qualified Spanish teachers can help you learn Survival Spanish to get by during your vacation travels.
  • Have you always wanted to start learning a new language? Start now with the Spanish language! Spanish lessons Online are a great option for you!

Our Spanish lessons Skype lessons are affordable and can be paid easily by credit card  or PayPal, Western Union or Bank wire.

AMAUTA Skype lessons : your own Spanish teacher online


Spanish via Skype has so many benefits and this is probably the best moment to start!


– Delve into a new culture right from the comfort of your own home with a native Spanish teacher online.


– Take Spanish classes online on your own schedule with extreme flexibility. Can you only have class for 1 hour, 1 day per week? Or are you taking the opportunity now to enhance your Spanis skills  now? Take an intensive course of a few hours per day! Skype classes are perfect for any schedule.


– Learning Spanish online is great to do during your free time or while you are practicing social distancing.


-Online Skype classes are well-organized and just as good as face-to-face classes. You can watch your professors through clear video and sound. They will use the chat function to send vocabulary, worksheets and homework assignments and share their screen with you.




Challenge your kids or teens with the marvelous option to study Spanish out of school or for an extracurricular activity. We use many games, photographs, music and videos during class. If your kids have Spanish classes at school, they can benefit from having a private Spanish tutor outside of school hours through private Skype classes.

AMAUTA Skype lessons : your own Spanish teacher online

Experiences of students who followed our Spanish classes online:



“First I attended the AMAUTA School in Cusco and I loved the teaching. My Spanish improved quickly. Back home, in Switzerland, I realized I wanted to keep up my level of Spanish and I wanted to keep on learning.  I found out about the Spanish lessons via Skype and I booked a few sessions with my Peruvian teacher with whom I felt very comfortable in class in Cusco. And also via Skype it worked out really well. I was so happy with the Spanish classes online and I got to practice my Spanish conversation from my own living room!



AMAUTA has a wide selection of Spanish courses offered through Skype. I studied for four hours every day, during four weeks. The teachers are friendly and helpful. My Spanish grammar and my speaking skills improved a lot. During class, we learned a lot about Peruvian culture. I certainly recommend AMAUTA!

AMAUTA Skype lessons : your own Spanish teacher online


Good teachers who are patient (very important) and speak clearly. This is very important, given the local Argentine accent being somewhat different to others in the Spanish-speaking world. Its so amazing to see all the opportunities I have to use my Spanish now. My world has really opened because of my Spanish classes online!



AMAUTA Spanish School was founded in 1996 and we offer Spanish in Peru and Spanish in Argentina

We are proud of 24 years of experience of bringing high quality Spanish education to students from across the globe.

Read more about our Spanish Online program – Spanish via Skype

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