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Amazing: Study Spanish in Rainforest of Peru

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Amazing: Study Spanish in the Rainforest of Peru

Amazing: Study Spanish in Rainforest of Peru

Have you ever dreamed of visting the mythical Amazon Rainforest of Peru? The Amazon accounts for more than half of the planet´s remaining rainforest and the biodiversity of flora and fauna is richer than almost anywhere else on the planet. Here, AMAUTA Spanish School offers Spanish Courses! So yes, indeed: you can actually study spanish in the Rainforest of Peru!

Study Spanish in the Rainforest

Despite our rapidly modernizing world, the Amazon is still a place that remains largely undiscovered. 13% of the Amazon lies within the boundaries of Peru and AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco offers you the chance to study Spanish within this magical region of the world: take a Spanish Language Course in the Tambopata Biosphere Reserve.


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Tambopata Rainforest

The Tambopata National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon is famous for its unique wildlife spectacle and the biggest mineral click lick.

Thousands of birds (macaws and parakeets, among others) come here every day, which is an amazing experience.

But here you can also find jaguars, tapirs, otters, black caimans and different types of monkeys.


Volunteer in orphanage in Peru


Come Spanish Jungle Program in the amazing Peruvian Amazon and witness all this and more!


Monkey Island

AMAUTA´s Spanish in the Rainforest Program does not only the Spanish Classes but also the accommodation, all meals, and an interesting tour program in the rainforest. We offer the opportunity to visit Sandoval Lake and Monkey Island for more incredible wildlife viewing opportunities.

At Sandoval Lake, you can see turtles, monkeys, and even catch a glimpse of the infamous Giant Otter! Monkey Island offers you the opportunity to see a variety of different monkey species, including Capuchins, Squirrel Monkeys, and Saddle-backed Tamarins among others.



Review from an ex-student:

“The highlights of the trip were the visit to “Monkey Island”, and the zip lining, which was so much fun! But I also
enjoyed the night excursion with the kaymans and the visit to the village, where an old man explained us about this culture.We also played football with the AMAUTA teachers and staff and it was perfect to improve our Spanish skills. The many evenings
spent playing football, or pool, or dancing together made it much easier to learn Spanish, too!”


Volunteer in orphanage in Peru


Spanish Immersion

Beyond this, there are plenty of great opportunities not only to experience the natural wonders of this area in Peru, but the unique culture as well, such as visiting a local family or taking a cooking class. A week of Spanish classes in the Tambopata is full of adventures and great experiences.

AMAUTA offers accomodation for students in bungalows in a local lodge, situated alongside the Tambopata River. The lodge has a pool, sports courts, and a common room with a bar. It´s a great place to hang out and enjoy some fresh fruit juice with friends after a long day of classes or excursions.


Volunteer in orphanage in Peru


Departure Dates 2022

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime in the Peruvian Amazon!

  • March 27, April 24, May 29, Jun 26, Jul 10, Aug 7, Sept 5, Oct 9, Nov 6


Review from an ex-student:

“I will never forget my week with AMAUTA Spanish School
learning Spanish in Tambopata. I had a hilarious time with a awesome
group that I will always remember. Although there were quite some mosquitos
and sand flies, it was a brilliant time. Besides, with mosquito
repellent it es easily bearable. I would go again for sure”.


Volunteer in orphanage in Peru




Just write “jungle” on our contact form

and we’ll send you our brochure about our

Spanish Course in the Tambopata rainforest. 


Contact one of our course counselors in Cusco


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