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Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco

Friday March 17, 2017 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco

What Volunteering Means to local Communities in Peru

Volunteering is an incredible way to connect with the heart of local communities, while giving support to very vital aspects of everyday life, like social work, education, healthcare, animal conservation, and stimulating local economic growth. It is important to recognize the important aspects of this work. Without volunteers, some of these projects wouldn´t be able to exist. As a volunteer in Peru, you provide such a valuable service for those who cannot afford to pay others for their time.

At AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, another very important aspect of volunteering that you might not realize is the donation each project receives from AMAUTA for the time you spend at your project. This donation goes to critical things the organizations need, such as food, clothing, and other materials.


Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco


Recently, we completed a donation to one of our projects. This project for (street) kids is fun by the police force in Cusco. The project focuses on providing a space for many of the children who sell products on the streets in order to support themselves and their families. The kids come spend the afternoons at Colibrí to complete their homework, eat a nutritious snack, and most importantly, just be kids for a while.


Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco


As the kids go back to school in Peru in March, after the summer vacation, our donation went towards school supplies for the kids. With the volunteer fees from our volunteers 2016, AMAUTA was able to buy pens, pencil sharpeners, notebooks, erasers, and backpacks for the 48 kids that regularily come to this project.

Together with the director, our volunteer coordinator in Cusco put together backpacks stuffed with the aforementioned supplies for each kid, which we presented to the kids at a Back to School party.


Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco


The Back to School celebration in this volunteer project in Cusco kicked off with some dancing and tasty treats. The kids had the opportunity to read some poetry and sing before they were presented with their donation. One by one, each kid came up to receive their backpack of school supplies. The event finished with a cake, and of course, a piñata.


Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco


Here at AMAUTA Spanish School we want to give a sincere thank you to all of our volunteers who gave their time this volunteer project in Cusco in 2016. It was your contribution that made this donation and this event posible. Your support to these kids is truly invaluable!


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