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The best 5 Cusco Applications

Tuesday May 15, 2018 - Posted by to Travel in Peru
The best 5 Cusco Applications

The Best 5  Cusco Applications

In this article, we will recommend you the Best 5 Cusco Applications you will want to use while living in Peru. Or when preparing your trip to Peru.  Because once registered for your Spanish course in Cusco you will start preparing yourself for your adventure and Spanish immersion experience in Peru.

Obviously this will involve a lot of reading about Cusco and about Peru. There are many,  many  good blogs and articles online to be found.

For instance, here is a good link about what to pack for your trip to Peru.

Or this one with important cultural tips you need to know.

And if you are interested in the culture of Cusco, there is this interesting Cusco culture blog.

But of course there are great apps too, that wil be very usefull before and during your stay in Cusco.  Here is a list with The best 5 Cusco Applications that will make your phone  your personal assistant before and during your stay in Cusco. These applications will make your packing easier, but also the Spanish learning process, your stay in Cusco and maybe further travel. And the best part? They are for free!


Cusco Travel Guide

The Cusco travel guide is THE app to navigate in Cusco! If you are new to the city, the app can show you around, and tell you exactly what are the highlights of our city.

It tells you what YOU would like to do in and around the city of Cusco based n asking a few questions regarding your interests of travel, or how you travel. For instance: if you travel with family or alone, if you prefer more adventurous activities or culture… The app takes it all into consideration so you will only have suggestions that are tailored specifically to you! If you want, the app can even make you your own itinerary! It will tell you what you can do in the surroundings of Cusco, day by day . It is like having your own persoal local guide in Cusco


This application presents you several self-guided walking tours in Cusco


Peru Travel

The app Peru Travel is has been developed by PromPeru, an organization of the Peruvian Government that promotes and facilitates tourism in Peru. PromPeru created an app that shows you the best places of Peru – and Cusco – with the touch of your fingertips. If you add your interests it allows you to get a selection specially made for you, based on the location you chose. The app has several other interesting features. For instance, there is a section about gastronomy, where you can find typical Peruvian products, but also recipes  like the typical popular dish lomo saltado!

You can find all the top desinations of Peru in the app. Recommended.


Best Cusco Apps Travel Peru


Habla Quechua

Quechua is an indigenous language,  very different to Spanish, spoken by almost one third of the Peruvian population, mostly in the Andes. If you would like to get off the beaten trek and cities, it is very possible you come by villages with people where almost nobody speaks Spanish. Normally the first thing that comes to mind is Google Translate, but this app doesn’t feature the Quechua language. So instead of  Google Translate, I recommend the pp “Habla Quechua”. This app even makes it possible for you to learn a bit of the language, and about the history of the Quechua language.  Again, this app has been devloped by PromPeru, the Peruvian government organization.


Best Cusco Apps Habla Qechua


Peru Rail

Peru Rail’s app provides information and recommendations on the main attractions in Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puno and Titicaca. It also provides details of Peru Rail services, schedules and outlets. So if you are planning your Machu Picchu Tour  or Machu Picchu Trek, don’t forget to check out this app!


Peru Rail’s app provides information and recommendations on the main attractions in Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puno and Titicaca


Peru Noticias

This app offers you a fast and easy way to read Peru News in Spanish. It shows the most popular news sources from Peru. A good way to practice the language and stay up to date of the happenings in the country.


This app offers you a fast and easy way to read Peru News in Spanish



Two bonus Cusco apps I love to use:

Mesa 24/7

As most of us find making a reservation on the phone in Spanish pretty awkward, we try  to avoid it.  talking on the phone is not easy when you are learning Spanish because of all the unprepared questions that will come, and you have no idea what they are exactly asking, you rather just hang up the phone. But, worry no more! Cusco and Lima have come with the app: Mesa 24/7.


Best Cusco Apps Mesa 24/7


This app allows you to make reservations online, and it also lets you discover about all the delicious restaurants in and around Cusco and Lima. There is even a section “To Go” where you can enjoy all the tastes with the comfort of your own hotel.


Uber in Cusco

Mot a typical Cusco app, but I still wanted to mention it as taking a taxi in Cusco is not always easy. Generally, you can just hail a taxi on the streets of Cusco. Especially during day time, don’t need to worry about anything dangerous to happen. There is just this one annoying thing:  the GRINGO PRICES. Of course, you know you always need to agree on the price before getting in the taxi… But some taxi drivers are just impossible.

That’s where Uber comes in.  You can simply choose the one that offers the lowest price, and review the taxi driver, so you can see beforehand if the taxi driver is acceptable. Plus, he has to give out all his information for extra safety. And all that with just the click of a button.


And this is really last tip:


A blog about usefull apps while learning Spanish in Peru can not be complete without dedicating a few lines to Duolingo. You probably know this wellknown app for language learners.

I still want to say it helped me a great deal before coming to Cusco, for my Spanish classes.  And not only before… but also during my stay at AMAUTA. Duolingo is an App that makes learning Spanish (and other languages) fun and interesting. It divides the language up in levels, and you must pass the level to get to the next part. It is more a game than a study app.  I really recommend to download this app before traveling to Peru so you already have an advantage when arriving. Also during the classes, it can be of great assistance.

Having fun while studying, what else do you want?


With all the help and all the apps it is hard to get lost! So, no more excuses not to go on this trip of a lifetime: take Spanish lessons in Peru and enjoy the beautiful city of Cusco!

Do you know more interesting Cusco apps? Please let us know!

Do you want to contact us for more questions? Please do!



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