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Best Places for Brunch in Buenos Aires

Sunday April 16, 2017 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
Beste plaatsen voor Brunch in Buenos Aires

Where to find the Best Places for Brunch in Buenos Aires

The Argentina capital Buenos Aires is a city that has many options when it comes to places to eat. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a place to have breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, there is plenty of choice.

Personally, I really love to have brunch during my weekends in Buenos Aires and I like to try new places as well. After many brunches around the city during my Spanish courses and internship in Buenos Aires, I can truly say that you must visit some of these places!

Breakfast in Buenos Aires


Marvellous meals, vintage furniture and an adorable garden is what you’ll find at Malvón. Located in an old building which is partly still in its old shape, this café has the perfect formula to be one of my favorite spots in Buenos Aires. With its delicious sweet Apple French toast with caramelized almonds, vanilla ice cream and honey, they stole my heart. Luckily, you can find Malvón in 2 neighborhoods, namely Villa Crespo and Palermo Viejo. The one I have been to is Villa Crespo.

Marvellous meals in Argentina


Oui  Oui in Palermo Hollywood

Another one I would recommend is the always crowded Oui Oui, located in Palermo Hollywood, very close to one of the popular AMAUTA Student Residences. It’s a French style café with delicious brunch combo’s including coffee or tea and fresh juice! The Bagel with salmon and avocado is a must, but they also have a lot of good muffins and tartas. It’s also good to know that everything of their bakery is half price between 8 and 9 PM. If you don’t like to wait, don’t go around lunch time in the weekend, as there will be a line. However, it is worth the wait.

Dessert in Buenos Aires


Café Crespín in Villa Crespo


The last but definitely least brunch place is Café Crespín. On first sight it does not look very spectacular but when you have a seat and look at the menu and their prices, you will become happy. If you can’t really decide whether you want sweet or salty, you can go for the combination with egg, bacon, and cinnamon French toast. This café is also located in Villa Crespo, near the outlet shopping area. Besides the brunch menu which is mostly available until 12.00 or 13.00, these cafe also have enough choice on their lunch menu.

Cafe Restaurants in Buenos Aires, Argentina


If you have more suggestions for our Spanish students for great places to eat in Buenos Aires, please let us know.

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