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Best places for Dinner in Cusco

Saturday April 28, 2018 - Posted by to Travel in Peru

Best places for Dinner in Cusco

After four weeks of living in Cusco – I’m taking Spanish lessons in Peru here at the AMAUTA Spanish School –  it becomes hard to find some new nice places to go to for dinner. In contrast, when you are a new bee, it seems to be hard to make a choice between all the good and nice restaurants around. There are some really comfortable and good-quality restaurants in Cusco with affordable prices I can recommend.

Restaurant INDIGO

I think many travelers and Spanish students in Cusco agree that “Indigo” is always the right choice. Located close to AMAUTA and to the Plaza de Armas, right next to the club “Liberty”,  INDIGO offers a menu with a huge range of Peruvian and Asian cuisine. You should really try the Indigo Sandwich with Avocado! But- it’s not only the food that makes the “Indigo” to what it is. After dinner, for those who like, you can order a dish for only 25 Soles and choose your favorite drink of the Happy Hour (2 for 1).  You can also asked for games at the bar, like yenga.


Best places for Dinner in Cusco



If you prefer a burger or American Food in general, the best place to go in Cusco is…”Juanito’s”: definitely the best burger place in town! Prices start from 12 Soles (aprox. USD 4,50) for a burger and believe me, it’s worth it. All the burgers, and even the fries you order, are freshly made in front of your eyes with only high quality ingredients. You have the choice between more than 10 different sauces, from light to spicy and in all colors. Go to “Juanito’s” once and you will come back many times! Juanito’s is located at Calle 7 Angelitos.



Best places for Dinner in Cusco




For the vegetarians and vegans among us – no worries, there are some recommendable veggie restaurants as well. For example “The Green Point”. This 100% vegan restaurant with open air terrace on the second floor has a wide spectrum of vegetable and tofu-food. Prices are okay and the tofu Burger will convince even the strongest meat lovers. Around lunch time the Green Point offers a menu for 15 soles with a salad, a soup and a main course.

The restaurant is located in the San Blas area, at Carmen Bajo 235.


Best places for Dinner in Cusco


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The more expensive version of a pizzeria is “La Bodega”.  It’s not uncommon to pay between 30 and 40 soles for a meal (aprox. 15 USD), but here you do not only pay for the food, but for the unique atmosphere in the “La Bodega”. Located in a former residence it also gives you a look into Peruvian living style. (the address is 138 Herrajes, Cusco).



Best places for Dinner in Cusco




Another place with a complete menu for only 15 Soles (aprox. USD $ 7) , is “Mama Mia”, located nearby the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. There is a ‘touristic menu’, including starters, main course and a drink. After ordering you get a plate of Nachos with Guacamole and Garlic Bread baked with cheese and different sauces for free. Maybe you’re not completely full afterwards, but for the small appetite it’s quite good and it helps you to save some money.


Best places for Dinner in Cusco


After you finished dinner, go and have a look for all the bars and clubs located nearby. What about a free Salsa Lesson in “Mythology” or “Mama Africa”?

Hopefully this helps to make your choice a little easier and in letting you have a nice time learning Spanish in Cusco .




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