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Best Restaurants in Cusco: Food Guide

Tuesday April 05, 2022 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
The Best Restaurants in Cusco: Food Guide

Get all of the insider tips on where to eat in Cusco on any budget during your Spanish classes in Cusco. The former Inca capital offers great opportunities for authentic food lovers. So when you go beautiful Peru to study Spanish, be sure to try some of the famous Peruvian dishes in one of the following restaurants – they are guaranteed to give your taste buds an incredible time. Read long:  Best Restaurants in Cusco: Food Guide.

Did you choose Peru as a destination for a Spanish immersion program? You made a great choice! Peru is known for crushing the competition when it comes to culinary awards at the international level. For example, if you study Spanish in Lima, you will be living in Latin America’s gastronomic capital. With all this global attention it’s fair to say we need to make a list of our favorite restaurants in Cusco for our Spanish students, for all budgets. And trust us, you don’t have to go fine dining every night to get the best culinary experience out there during your Spanish course in Peru.

Best Restaurants in Cusco

# 1 Cicciolina

You will find this restaurant on the second floor of an old colonial house near the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. The ambiance is very warm and welcoming with guests chatting in multiple languages at the bar while drying peppers and garlic hang from the ceilings above.

From the aromas of the open kitchen to the waiters dashing here and there through the tapas bar to the intimate Mediterranean style dining room – you know you will want to stay for a while eating, talking and drinking. Cicciolina truly captures the Latin style dining experience where wholesome food and memorable conversations are two of the most important aspects.

The tapas feel like they are imported directly from the Basque country. The fresh seafood, pasta, risotto and meats and more traditional Andean elements like causa, Peruvian scallops, fresh trout ceviche and alpaca provide a variety of tastes for all palettes.

Book your table here

Hours: 12:00 PM and orders last until 9:00 PM
Address: Calle Triunfo 393, 2nd floor
Phone: +51 84 259510
WhatsApp: +51 994 059709

# 2 Limo Peruano Nikkei

Thanks to Peru’s diverse climates you can enjoy plates with fresh and inexpensive products that range from the sea up to more than 4,200 meters above sea level and everything in between. The beautiful thing about Peruvian cuisine is that you can connect to the landscapes, cultures and traditions of this diverse country. When you try Peruvian cuisine you will not only gain a deeper respect for the people, but the temporality and seasonality that is so important in the Peruvian food system.

Limo offers Japanese food with a blending of fresh ingredients, crisp flavors and techniques from Peru. Enjoy your fresh food while sitting in the elegant terrace section of an old colonial house while overlooking the stunning Plaza de Armas of Cusco When the sun sets you will get an enchanting view of the city as all the surrounding area lights up.

The menu is quite innovative thanks to the large Japanese population in Peru. You can find fresh avocado from the jungle, smoked trout from the Andes, chimichuri Nikkei sauce, a “chupe de camarones” soup with udon, a variety of native chili peppers, Andean herbs, house made citric wasabi, and a large selection of different fish in the form of sashimi, maki, nigiri, ceviches and other typical Japanese dishes with a strong Peruvian flare.

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 23:00
Address: Portal de Carnes 236, 2nd floor Plaza de Armas
Phone: +51 84 240668

# 3 Ceviche Seafood kitchen

Ceviche Seafood kitchen

This bright and chic restaurant, located in the Plaza de Armas, brings the Peruvian coast right to the heart of the Andes. This modern cevicheria (a restaurant dedicated to ceviche) only uses the freshest seafood and local ingredients, which will undoubtedly make you feel like you are sitting right on the docks feasting on the catch of the day.

What is ceviche? Ceviche (or: cebiche) is a Peruvian seafood dish typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in lemmon juice, spiced with unions, hot peppers and more.

Start your meal off with fried yucca, leche de tigre, garlic chili prawns or causa and choose a delicious main course of ceviche, arroz con mariscos, tacu tacu, jalea mixta or a trio to taste three classic dishes!

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Address: Portal Harinas 181, Plaza de Armas
Phone: +51 84 266 334

# 4 La Bodega 138

Lomo Saltado

The building that houses La Bodega will feel like home. If you are looking for a welcoming family style restaurant, then this is your place! There is always great music, everybody’s favorite dishes, laughter, deep conversations and great vibes.

La Bodega 138 focuses on Italian food made with love. Choose from a lengthy list of fresh oven baked pizzas or if you are feeling creative choose your own toppings including native Peruvian spicy peppers! You can also enjoy crisp salads, calzones, classic Italian pasta dishes or pastas with a Peruvian touch such as ravioli stuffed with asado, Andean potato gnocchi, spaghetti with huancaína sauce or homemade pasta with a creamy yellow pepper sauce smothered in juicy lomo saltado. There is nothing better than comforting Italian food with a Peruvian twist!

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Address: Herrajes 138
Phone: 84 260272
WhatsApp: +51 933 982 111

# 5 Pachapapa

Restaurant Pachapapa Cusco

Pachapapa is an excellent place to try Andean cuisine in a rustic setting. The restaurant is located in an old mansion in the traditional and artistic neighborhood of San Blas, right across from the San Blas Church. Once you enter the central courtyard you will smell the slow cooked dishes made in traditional clay pots, feel the heat from the earth oven and be awakened by the generous infusion of local herbs. Make sure you ask your waiter for their recommendation for the best traditional plate on the menu. This is a great place to try your first roasted guinea pig or “cuy.”

Address: Plazoleta San Blas 120
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 23:00 hours.
Phone: +51 84 241318

# 6 Jack’s Café

Jack's cafe restaurant Cusco

Are you hungry after your Spanish lessons? There is no better place to go in Cusco than to Jacks Café. These American and international plates are enormously filling and all homemade. Plus they won’t leave you craving anything extra! Great idea to go here the last night before a long hike to Machu Picchu (e.g. the Inca Trail).

Do you want a Peruvian coffee from the jungle or how about breakfast served all day? The café restaurant is located right in the lower part of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cusco, San Blas on the corner of Choquechaca and Cuesta del San Blas.

Hours: Monday to Sunday 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Address: Choquechaka 509
Phone: +51 084 254606

# 7 Organika

Organika focuses on bringing you fresh, local, healthy, organic and sustainable ingredients from their farm in Urubamba in the Sacred Valley right to the table. It’s hard to find a restaurant that can please meat lovers while also offering ample vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options as well. Many of the dishes are even garnished with edible flowers so they are just as beautiful as they are nutritious and delicious. Food options include wood oven pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, trout, grilled alpaca, lomo saltado, osobuco, quinotto, salads, soups and different tapas and starters!

Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 – 22:00
Address: Calle Ataúd 154
Phone: (84) 772448

Peruvian cooking workshop Amauta

Workshop Peruvian Cooking

One of the many cultural activities that AMAUTA Spanish school offers for the participants of the Spanish courses, is a workshop Peruvian Cooking. Do you want to join? Learn to prepare the most popular Peruvian dish, ceviche with a chef, while studying Spanish in Cusco. Another popular activity is our Pisco Sour Workshop.

# 8 Chakruna Native Burgers

Chakruna Native Burgers offers vegans, vegetarians and appreciators of good meat a variety of rich and hearty burgers. So if you are a vegan learning Spanish in Cusco, this is the place to go. Burger patties include quinoa, peas, Lima beans, chickpeas, alpaca, chicken, beef and chorizo to name just a few. All burgers are accompanied by a drink and fries made from fresh native potatoes and a variety of fresh sauces for dipping. Don’t forget you can add all sorts of toppings including egg, avocado, mushroom sauce, 4 different types of cheeses, bacon, sprouts, etc. Chakruna is also known for having fast service, cheerful staff, a cozy atmosphere and great beer.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Address: 699 Plazoleta San Blas
Phone: (84) 585924

Best Restaurants in Cusco part II

# 9 Creperia La Bo’M

This Creperie is one of the warmest and most friendly places around Cusco! Here you can meet approachable travelers and Spanish students from all over the world while seated around the bar while chatting about life, traveling, your day to day adventures and even tips about the best places to go around Cusco.

At La Bo’M there are many different crepes to choose from, from savory to sweet as well as hot and cold drinks that are all prepared with love and care. We love the fact you can observe the preparation of your food, as the kitchen is open and protected by glass.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Address: Carmen Alto 283, San Blas
Phone: (84) 235694

# 10 Qucharitas

Qucharitas makes some of the best handmade ice cream and desserts in Cusco using natural ingredients right from the region. There are more than 100 possible combinations that are made to order without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Qucharitas offers gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free products.

Choose from ice cream bases such as eucalyptus, coca leaf, kiwicha, maca, coffee, quinoa, Andean mint, Cañihua, algarrobina and fruits like aguaymanto, cherimoya, mango, lucuma, tumbo, passion fruit, cactus fruit and SO much more!

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM and Sunday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Address: Procuradores Nº 372
Phone: +51 084 226019

# 11 Wasicleta Restaurant & Bar

Are you a cyclist? This affordable hipster cultural house is the best place to arrive with your bike to enjoy some typical Peruvian dishes, local craft beers and to enjoy great live music and energy. You can also choose from a daily set menu for lunch and get to meet the local people of Cusco. Wasicleta is dedicated to promoting the use of bicycles, art and music in the city and it makes sense because the whole place is decorated in bicycle parts.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM on Wednesday it is open until 8:00 PM
Address: Calle San Andres 477
Phone: +51 982 732 972

# 12 El Patio

Restaurant El Patio Peru

Can’t decide what you want to eat? How about a little bit of everything?

This typical cusqueño patio was converted into a collaborative for local restaurants, which makes it one of the best and most varied places to eat in all of Cusco. Choose from the central bar area to get all sorts of cocktails, beers and non-alcoholic beverages or from one of the many restaurants to try ceviche, seafood, Asian food, street food and burgers, tacos, shwarma, desserts and coffees.

Every week there are new promotions for those who are looking not to burn a whole in their pocket on their trip to Cusco. Don’t forget to check out the live music on Thursdays and Saturdays. Check out their social media for events and what new restaurants and foods they might be featuring!

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM and Sunday from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Address: Collacalle 204
Phone: +51 984 022 706

# 13 Panaderia Qosqo Maki

Panaderia Cusco Peru

This small bakery with just a few tables doesn’t seem like much from the street, but make sure you bop your head in to get something small. Most likely your spanish teacher will take you are at one point during your Spanish immersion in Peru.

Qosqo Maki is one of the best places in Cusco to have bread and French pastries for a quick in and quick out breakfast or brunch. Here you can enjoy empanadas, croissants, chocolate croissants, Brazil nut croissants, sweet breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, raisin rolls and fresh loaves of bread, pizza baguettes and so many more goodies fresh out of the oven!

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 6:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Address: Avenida Tullumayo 465
Phone: +51 84 231513


Do you have more tips for our food guide Best Restaurants in Cusco? Feel free to post below!



Cusco is a unique destination for a Spanish immersion course as it is a city with lots of things to do and to see. Cusco is perfect for exploring the beautiful nature in the Andes, doing adventure sports and make trips and treks. Cusco is also the gateway for the Inca Trail and to visit Machu Picchu. The people in Cusco are friendly, the city is small yet incredible varied. In Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire you can discover and explore everything related to the Inca culture. In Cusco, you can find a great selection of cafes, restaurants, bars, as well as souvenir shops. Spend any time you wish learning Spanish in Cusco and you won’t be bored.

Spanish Immersion in Cusco

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