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Best restaurants in Cusco

Thursday October 10, 2013 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
restaurants in Cusco

Best restaurants in Cusco

Cusco in Peru is a big city still connected to the village root; not far from Machu Picchu it’s also a huge attraction for tourists traveling and a perfect destination for Spanish studies in Peru.

There are several nice places to eat at in Cusco, Peru; International cuisine, food for the meat lovers and vegetarians or vegans along with the sweets coinsurer. During my first week of Spanish studies at AMAUTA Cusco, I have put together a list of 3 of the best places in town all of which are a short stroll from AMAUTA at Calle San Agustin and the Plaza de Armas, which is the heart of the city.

Kushka...fe Cusco


Green Point 

First I tried my taste buds at the 100% Vegan restaurant, Green Point. Located at Calle Carmen Bajo 235 San Blas; we stumbled upon this charming eatery which strives to educate those on protecting the animals in our world. The customer service was excellent, and the overall feel of the restaurant was very green and natural. Murals of nature and wildlife adorn the walls and the bathroom gives you the feeling you are still outside of the restaurant while remaining charming and clean. The food there could be described as fresh, light and unique; it may come as a little shocking for those used to greasy foods and processed sugars but it is definitely the healthy option. Green Point was advertised as a little cheaper on but still fair prices for the quality of healthy food you get what you pay for, prices running from 15-25 soles. This particular restaurant is a little more hidden than others here in Cusco which gives it a pleasant feel; I recommend calling before heading that way (51) 84 227669.

Kushka...fe restaurant in Cusco


Fuego Burgers and BBQ

For all the meat lovers out there I hope I can convince you to try Fuego Burgers and BBQ. You can find Fuego on Calle Plateros 358 A. on the 2nd Floor one half block from the Plaza de Armas. This upscale BBQ is a little more pricy than other restaurants running around 25 soles a meal, but I guarantee you will get what you pay for. This Peruvian and western inspired cuisine is to die for. The customer service matches the amazing food, and they always have English speaking staff available. They offer free and strong Wifi and the restaurant was kept nice and warm, which offers the customer a nice escape from the cold evening in Cusco. They also offer a vegetarian burger which I can testify is delicious and light. You can contact them at (51) 84 226196, they can get very busy so I recommend this as their seats fill up fast.

Kushka...fe Cusco



If you’re looking for a place to grab a small snack and enjoy some free Wi-Fi head to Calle Suecia 368  just down the road from the Plaza de Armas “Kushka…fe” is a warm and relaxing environment perfect for studying your Spanish!

The two-story café has perfect lighting and comfy cushioned seating lines the walls. We all enjoyed the extremely moist chocolate cake and delicious frozen lemonade. With fair pricing “Kushka…fe” is the perfect hangout they also have meals if you’re hungry for something more than snacks; but they are best known for their deserts by the Spanish students at AMAUTA.

They have 3 other locations in Cusco, which you can find at their website www kushkafe pe or call them at (51) 84 257007.

Of course there are many other places but for me, at this moment, those are the Best restaurants in Cusco.


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