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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Thursday April 09, 2015 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
De beste vegetarische restaurants in Buenos Aires

Check out the best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires. While learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you’ll get overloaded with meat, meat and more meat. This is what Argentines are mostly known for and it’s definitely one of their specialties. In case you’re a vegetarian, you might be scared that there won’t be any other good food. FALSE! Being a vegetarian in Buenos Aires won’t limit you to (vegetable) empanadas and salads. Buenos Aires is the perfect place to eat delicious vegetarian meals and you might even get blown away by the great variety that some restaurants offer. The following list shows a top five of the best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Have a look and try it out yourself while visiting the beautiful capital of Argentina!

1. Pizza Vegana
This restaurant, located in Palermo, has an extended menu of pizzas and they are yummy! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll get surprised by the huge variety of different flavors. The place is original with a cosy ambiance and very kind waiters. Prices range from AR$100 to AR$150. Since it’s a private home, it can be difficult to find. Look for the white double doors next to Vilaplana Veterinaria. You must ring the bell to enter. Try to get a table outside in summer, as they’ve a beautiful garden. Do you rather eat at home? They do deliveries too.
2. Jueves a la Mesa
If you’re keen on some delicious and fresh vegetables, you must visit this vegetarian restaurant located in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo. It’s a place to share stories with the many other travelers and expats that are coming here to enjoy the vegetarian cuisine. Everyone will be welcomed by the wonderful hosts. Many say it’s the best fresh food you can get here in Buenos Aires. The costs are AR$250 including organic wine, water and tea. The dinner includes a starter, a main dish and a dessert. Only Thursdays at 8.30pm. Reserve beforehand, as the place fills up quickly!


3. Buenos Aires Verde
The vegetarian cuisine at this restaurant in Palermo is definitely worth a try. Besides the exquisite menu of food, they also offer delicious smoothies. You’ll get a great value for your money. They serve huge portions, so you might share some dishes to leave room for their tasty desserts such as raw chocolate.
4. Nesta Reggae Bar
This is a great spot to eat vegetarian meals while enjoying some good Reggae music. There’s a relaxed vibe and it even feels as if you’re eating at a beach restaurant! The sandwiches are very tasteful and reasonable priced. The restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Caballito. It opens at 7pm, from Tuesday till Sunday.
5. Artemisia
According to the locals of Buenos Aires, this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in town. The meals are well found and they’ve excellent homemade bread which can be difficult to find in Buenos Aires. Besides the many vegetarian options, they also offer some fish dishes. The ginger-lemon lemonade and the other juices are a must- try! The prices are a bit higher but the portions are generous. Artemisia is located in Palermo.

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