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Best Ways to Learn Spanish Fast: 20 hacks!

Monday October 05, 2020 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
Best Ways to Learn Spanish Fast: 20 hacks

Best Ways to Learn Spanish Fast: 20 hacks!


What are the best ways to learn Spanish fast and quickly? Here you can find some great hacks to learn Spanish! Most of them are free and available online.

Especially now that traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is no option for most of us, it is vital to get the maximum exposure to the Spanish language using multi-sensory activities.

This way you will improve Spanish quickly! We give you the best Ways to Learn Spanish: 20 hacks!

With these Hacks for Learning Spanish Fast, you will hear, speak and listen to as much Spanish as possible and boost your skills!

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1. Spanish Learning App


Start with some basic vocabulary on a (free) Spanish learning app such as Duolingo. It’s fun and straightforward, and it gives good vibes as Duolingo will absolutely and encourage you and even ‘rave’ you for small efforts. It’s easy to download the app, and you can start any moment “to learn Spanish in five minutes per day” with Duolingo.

Build Vocabulary Duolingo Spanish

2. Listen to Songs in Spanish

There are many different Latin music styles (tango, salsa, flamenco, etc.) and songs to choose from. For sure can easily pick a couple of Spanish songs you like; check a radio station online, Spotify, Youtube or I-tunes. You can listen to Spanish songs while you are walking or jogging, commuting, biking, or while cleaning the house!

If you want to take “learning with Spanish songs’ to the next level, search the lyrics and sing along! The next step would be to sing ‘alone’ (versus: sing along) with karaoke videos on Youtube. As music sticks in your memory with ease, you´ll be surprised to see how you can relatively easily remember the Spanish lyrics!
Bonus tip: try the app Lyricstraining to learn languages through music

Learn Spanish using songs

3. Watch Movies in Spanish

Start to watch movies in your own language with subtitles in Spanish. Watching movies in your native language with Spanish subtitles is a great way to relax while learning a bit of Spanish. You´d be surprised at how much this will improve your listening skills. It will also enable you to make connections between Spanish and your native language.

After that, you can watch movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles (listen and read at the same time). The next step would be only to hear (watch without subtitles), to see how much you can understand. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you do not understand every word. You don’t have to. Many times, especially if you already know the movie, you will be able to guess the meaning of the words from the context. And this is a great practice too, as you will use this skill in real life when talking to people in Spanish.

Bonus tip: check out the best Spanish Movies to practice your Spanish.


4. Learn Spanish Vocabulary of the Field(s) You Are Interested in

Once you’ve built up a bit of basic vocabulary and Spanish phrases, a good tip is to start learning words in Spanish about topics you like to talk about; this will help you expand your Spanish vocabulary quickly.

Spanish Phrases to Learn

If you enjoy cooking, start with ‘kitchen tools’ and the names of Spanish products (fruits, vegetables, names of meat, dishes.). And if you are affectionate of sailing, hiking, or biking or any sports, or art, or painting, or gardening, start from there!

Using flashcards is always an easy way to get exposed to new words.

5. Learn some Basic Grammar

Even if the grammar isn’t your favourite, understanding the basic Spanish grammar – including verb conjugations – will help you to boost your speaking skills. You don’t have to master all the verbs and all the tenses at once. Start with the present tense regular verbs, you add a few irregular ones, and from there you pick one past and one future tense. This will give you enough ‘tools’ to express yourself while at a beginner/ low intermediate level. Later, if you want to take your Spanish to a higher level and sound like a native, you’ll have to drill some more verbs tenses!

6. Watch TV in Spanish

Watching TV in Spanish is one of the best ways to learn Spanish fast and to learn about the culture of the country. Univision is a big Spanish language television network in the U.S. where you can watch various shows, News, Sports, weather, etc.

If you are looking for Spain Spanish TV, TVE is the best. It has lots of free content like Cooking shows, News, Technologies, Music, Sports, Movies, etc. and there is also a radio station you can access from their website.

If you’re looking for series (or movies) only, of course, Netflix is a great option!

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7. Write in Spanish

Write in Spanish to a family member

It doesn’t matter what you write, but write! Make your shopping list in Spanish, or your daily notes or ‘to – do List’. Or you can write a letter to a family member, to yourself, or an imaginary friend. Or maby you like to start keeping a diary in Spanish, or, you start a blog!

Writing allows you to think your words over and if you write a letter to a friend with conversational Spanish, you will most likely remember at least part of that later, when you can use it in a real-life conversation.

Do you need some ideas? Here you can get some inspiration to see what you can write about.

More hacks?  Keep on reading: Best Ways to Learn Spanish Fast: 20 hacks! 

8. More apps

Once you are done with Duolingo, a next step could be Clozemaster. Clozemaster helps you to learn Spanish in context; it is a language learning gamification through mass exposure to vocabulary in context.

You’ll use the Cloze method to fill in the missing word for thousands of sentences in Spanish. The phrases you’ll learn are much more relevant to the real world than on Duolingo. In the beginning, it may be weird to say the same things over and over again, but as you learn more Spanish words and Spanish phrases, you will be able to change your sentences to match each situation.

Practise spanish with Clozemaster

It’s free to use the basic version, but there is also a Pro. What’s so good about Clozemaster is that you see how Spanish grammar works in a natural setting where you will see how grammar functions, rather than have to memorize a set of Spanish grammar rules.

Another sensational app is LingQ. Linq offers many features, including the ability to track how many Spanish words you’ve learned, a playlist to shuffle content and targets, so you know what you’re working towards.

9. Put labels in Spanish on household items

It’s fun to stick labels everywhere in the house. At first, you can label your household items. Later, when you know all them, you can use the labels to write irregular verbs or other groups of vocabulary. This is a simple tip that does not require any time nor money and it really works!

10. Read websites or magazines of Your Interest in Spanish

Read daily news, or read websites or magazines (online) of the topics that interest you.

If you love art, you can read artbooks in Spanish, and if you like yoga, you can read websites and books about yoga and learn related vocabulary about body parts and more.

See more about boosting your speaking skills through talking about topics of your interested at # 20.

Do you want to boost your Spanish skills quickly?
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11. Prepare a Spanish / Latin American Meal

If you love cooking, watch a cooking video, read a recipe, and prepare a (Spanish or Latin American ) meal! Making a meal using a recipe in Spanish will help you to expand your cooking vocabulary as well as your knowledge about ingredients. And if you use a recipe of a dish you´ve never prepared before, you´ll be forced to learn the new words, and it will be a fun challenge!

Learn Spanish - cook spanish paella

12. Practise with News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is a great language learning resources on our list “Best Ways to Learn Spanish Fast: 20 hacks!”.  And it is so much more than “news narrated at a slower pace. “News in Slow Spanish” is an engaging and fun way to practice your Spanish thanks to native speakers that report current events at a reduced but not unnatural pace. This makes it much easier for you to understand.

There are materials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners and there is a Spain and a Latino version. You also have the option to hear the same person reciting the news at an average speed. There is a new 30-minute episode published every week; each episode consists of four news stories. Besides being an excellent tool to work on your listening skills, you can also practice Spanish grammar and Spanish Expressions.

The bad news? “News in Slow Spanish” offers is a free trial but after that you have to buy the paid version to access all the material.

13. Play games in Spanish

Digital Dialects is a go-to place for Spanish learning games. Here you can pick many different games; each game covers different topics for beginners in Spanish like numbers, colors, basic phrases, food and so on. Each game offers a second level (option: ‘more games’) where you can continue with more challenging games at an intermediate level of Spanish.

Spanish Games with Digital Dialects

14. Study Abroad

Once the pandemic is over, we can consider again travelling to Spanish-speaking countries and learn Spanish there for an extended period. An immersion course like this might be the most fun and fast way to learn Spanish. Here you can read why Peru is considered one of the best places to learn Spanish. But there are many Spanish schools in Latin America, and in Spain you can choose from.

Travel and live in another country is, of course, not a ‘free resource’. But after so much learning (and no travelling), how great will it be to practice your Spanish in a country where the language is actually spoken and to feel and breath the culture in real live?


15. ……??

16. …… ??

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