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Breathtaking: visit the Water Falls of Iguazú

Thursday May 15, 2014 - Posted by to Latin American Travel
Adembenemend: bezoek de Watervallen van Iguazú

It was April 13th, the big day had come. I would finally visit the natural world wonder that everyone describes as “Amazing” and lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Most of the people I met at Spanish classes in Buenos Aires and during my internship here, already went there and I had not heard one negative opinion about the famous Iguazu Waterfalls. Traveling by VIP Cama Suite (the most luxurious touring car) was also on my to-do-list for Argentina, so I decided that this 18-hour trip to the north of Argentina would be the perfect opportunity. It takes a bit more, but is definitely worth it.

Iguazu - Argentina

We were openly welcomed with caramel candy, and after we made ourselves comfortable in our front row chair-bed we were ready to go! The trip was already great since we could enjoy the beautiful Argentina countryside which is totally different from the big capital Buenos Aires where I’ve been living for the last four months learning Spanish in Argentina and doing my internship. When we finally arrived, our adventure could really begin. We had half a day left and we were making our way to Brazil. It took a while, but then, out of nowhere, we suddenly heard it. A loud noise of water, mucho water! Following this sound and some funny but dangerous animals, named coaties, we found the waterfalls. WOW, it was just incredible! So much water surrounded by so much beautiful, green nature. The power with which these large amounts of water came down was unbelievable. How is it possible that some places around the world have a shortage of water while there is an overflow here? I guess it is just the way it is. Luckily, people are able to enjoy the beauty of this natural wonder.

Water Falls of Iguazu - Argentina

We were already impressed by the Brazilian side of the water falls but when we saw the Iguazú falls from the Argentinean side, we were blown away. New waterfalls kept on showing up and it seemed like a never ending dream. The sun was shining bright in the blue sky, combining with the mist and creating rainbows everywhere. Because the sun heated the butterflies´ wings they could fly and they were certainly not afraid to rest on my hand or shoulder. Just like a fairytale! Amongst all the falls we were lucky enough to spot a caiman; it is in the same family as the crocodile, but a lot smaller. Really cool!

Iguazu - Argentina

You might think with the strength of the water, that it would be dangerous to get close to the falls. This is definitely not true. The paths will bring you close enough to the falls to get soaking wet, which makes the whole experience extra intense. On top of that, you can even go for a little boat ride that will bring you nearly under the waterfall, which gives you nothing but a happy and awesome feeling.

Water Falls of Iguazu - Argentina

A visit to the waterfalls of Iguazú in Argentine are a must-do in life! If it’s not on your to-do-list yet, you should put it on there now. Your eyes must see this “AMAZING” natural wonder!

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