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What to do in Buenos Aires on a cold and rainy day?

Friday May 27, 2016 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
What to do in Buenos Aires on a cold and rainy day?

When you don’t know what to do in Buenos Aires on one of these cold and rainy days in Argentina, we have the following list for you. To cheer up a cold afternoon, after Spanish classes in Buenos Aires.

  • For Netflix lovers.

On Netflix there is a whole section of Latin American movies. Immerse yourself in the continent and watch series, movies and documentaries. You will also learn a lot of Spanish as most series are in Spanish, some in Brazilian, however, there are Spanish subtitles.

  • Argentine cooking

Give yourself a little treat like a delicious empanada, a sweet alfajor or a good lunch with Choripan. These three Argentine snacks are super easy to make and do not need a lot of ingredients. Look on the internet for recipes and you will find out that you are a real Argentine chef!

What to do in Buenos Aires on a cold and rainy day?

  • Art and Culture

Most of the students in Buenos Aires are for free. Find an nice and interesting museum and stroll around for a day. Get to know the Argentine culture and art! Go to the MALBA, Museo Nacional de las bellas Artes or find another one online.

  • Mate

What is more Argentine than drinking mate with some friends. Buy mate, buy some sweet biscuits and hang around together, speak Spanish while drinking this typical Argentina drink.

What to do in Buenos Aires on a cold and rainy day?

  • Wine

Find the closest wine store in the neighborhood and go there to have a warming wine tasting. There are some really nice wine bars in Buenos Aires.

  • Coffee corner

In Buenos Aires there are a lot of coffee cafes to be found. Varying from very modern to super cozy. Go for a good piece of pie or a high tea! One of my favorites is Pani! The pies, cakes sandwiches and tea is amazing! Another classic bar to visit is the famous Café Tortoni.

  • Tango

Bored at home? Are you in for some fun and active things? Go to a tango show or take some tango classes in Buenos Aires!

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