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Buenos Aires is a great destination to study Spanish for many different reasons

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Buenos Aires is a great destination to study Spanish for many different reasons

Buenos Aires is a great destination to study Spanish

Of course the main reason is the character and the experiences of the cosmopoliitan city itself. Buenos Aires is  one of the most amazing and lively cities of South America, full of culture, temperament, tango, arquitecture and so on. That’s why the Argentine capital is also called “the vibrant city that never sleeps”, full of museums, cafes, bars and history.

Wander the bustling streets and grand avenues of Buenos Aires – all just a stone throw from our school building, located in the amazing Barolo Palace downtown Buenos Aires.

Besides that, the friendly people from Buenos Aires have a unique Spanish accent, however, you will be prepared to speak Spanish all over the world. Buenos Aires is a perfect location to live and learn the Spanish language, immersed in the amazing city life of Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires is a perfect location to live and learn the Spanish language


What do our Spanish students say about their Spanish course at AMAUTA Buenos Aires? Here are a few testimonials of reviews of our Spanish course in Buenos Aires.


Abby’s story:
Aline’s story:

I studied Spanish at AMAUTA Spanish School in buenos Aires for three weeks. Of course this is really short to learn the Spanish language, however, I was so surprised to find at that afer my Spanish course, I could actually speak and understand quite some Spanish! Thanks to the amazing teachers, who spoke Spanish to us the whole time. Of course it is difficult from time to time and very funny, but it works. So here I found myself talking to people in the subte (metro), answering an email in Spanish from a hotel in Cordoba, buying a busticket at the Retiro busstation and even talking about the difference between Holland and Argentina on the plane to Bariloche with the guy next to me on the plan. All in Spanish! Thanks AMAUTA!

Leon’s story:

I attended both AMAUTA buenos Aires and AMAUTA Cusco and found that both are great places to learn Spanish in an informal but professional way. There is a laidback atmosphere, where students and teachers easily meet and interact. But at the same time everything is well organized and it all works very well. Both schools – Buenos Aires and Cusco – have a different character but in both cities you will see that the school is much more than just a Spanish school. AMAUTA is a place to meet people, it’s like being part of a family and Buenos Aires is a great destination to study Spanish. Highly recommended.


the amazing Barolo Palace downtown Buenos Aires


Roberts story:

AMAUTA Spanish School is an extremely warm and friendly place I would thoroughly recommend. There is a young and friendly team that will make you feel relaxed and at easy. The class size is restricted to eigh which ensures every student a good amount of contact time with the Spanish teachers.
My previous experiences taking Spanish classes had been less succesfull so I’m very happy now that my Spanish improved greatly. I hope to be back one day at AMAUTA Buenos Aires.

Want to read more student reviews of AMAUTA Buenos Aires?

if you want information about our Spanish courses in Buenos Aires, please contact us.


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