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Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream

Thursday October 13, 2016 - Posted by to Spanish Schools in Latin America
Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream

Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream

All our Spanish students know it, from their first day in the Argentine capital on: Buenos Aires is the capital of Ice Cream and a Haven for a Sweet Tooth!

Buenos Aires is famous for its gastronomy in general, and specially for the desserts, sweets and ice creams. And thus you will find loads of cafés, pastry shops and ice cream shops (heladerías) in this city. At most of these places, you will encounter the most delicious flavors. Buenos Aires is known for its high quality ice cream and it forms an important aspect of Argentine culture, since the Italian immigration during the 19th century. One of the favorite, typical Argentine flavors of many Spanish students at our school, is the famous “Dulce de leche”! This typical, (very) sweet ingredient is used in many cakes, pies, cookies and whatever sweet dish you can find in Argentina.

In this article, you will find an overview of the best places to satisfy your sugary needs while learning Spanish in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream



This is a small but very popular spot in the middle of Palermo Soho. They have a simple menu, but all of their flavors are exceptionally tasty. Their two most famous flavors are chocolate and Dulce de leche. When you order Dulce de leche, you can order it three different ways: standard, with chocolate pieces (my absolute favorite) or with splashes of real Dulce de leche. You can order your ice cream in 500 grams, 250 grams and 125 grams. It is recommended to order the 250 grams size and share it with a buddy.


Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream



This is a name all our Spanish students know: This chain has ice cream shops throughout Buenos Aires and is popular because of its cheap prices and gluten free ice cream.


Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream



In addition to Freddo, Persicco is another top store that dominates the Buenos Aires ice cream world. Persicco offers high quality ice cream and an endless amount of flavors. This store also has a delivery service until 4 a.m., always ready to satisfy your sugar cravings after a night out!



This is a great place to go after a night out at the cinema on Avenida Corrientes. It is an authentic place that offers more than 50 flavors. This traditional Italian spot dates back to 1957, but was already founded in 1881 in Italy.
Location: Corrientes 1695


AM Scannapieco

AM Scannapieco is popular due to its historic and traditional character (it was founded in Palermo in 1938). It is not close to the centre, but it´s worth the trip for their unique ice cream machines and recipes.
Location: Nazca 5274



Founded in 1959, Furchi offers low fat ice cream and a wide variety of flavors (more than 60). This spot is the most famous in the neighbourhood of Belgrano.
Location: Cabildo 1508


Buenos Aires: The Capital of Ice Cream



This is a very cute place with an inside patio, where you can enjoy all kinds of rich flavors of ice cream.
Location: Coronel Díaz 1521


Often called the Paris of Latin-America, the Argentina capital Buenos Aires boasts European culture with Latin American charm, that makes Buenos Aires a truly world-class city. A unique destination for a Spanish immersion course abroad! With countless cafes, restaurants bars, beautiful neighborhoods and an amazing nightlife, Buenos Aires offers fun for a long time while studying Spanish in Argentina.

Some typical Argentina sweets are “alfajores” (pastries or biscuits filled with Dulce de Leche, and sugar coated peanuts and almonds. Ice cream is fundamental to Argentine culture every since the Italian immigration during the 19th century.

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