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Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons and a cultural immersion experience for everyone. Our students step outside of the Spanish classroom to enjoy the Peruvian culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru. During or after your Spanish lesson, you can, volunteer in Peru where you will really get the chance to improve your Spanish language skills and give back to the Peruvian community.

Here at the AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep our Spanish alumni, current and future students, and anyone who is interested in Peruvian and Latin American culture, the most relevant information about what is happening in Peru. We´ll post fun articles about our Spanish School in Peru, Tips to learn Spanish, how to get the most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, advice on how to prepare for your trip to Peru, life in Cusco, Peruvian cuisine, Peruvian festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.

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Why visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires?

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Waarom een bezoek aan Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires?

Why visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires? When you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the countless places you can to go. A definite must is a visit to the famous Grand Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo. This big café was selected as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world! Many say that Café Tortoni is a touristic attraction, which it is. However, still many porteños enjoy their daily café cortado. After reading the following reasons, you know why you must visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires at least once during your stay in the beautiful Argentine capital.  (more…)

Visit Montevideo while Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

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Visit Montevideo while learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

When you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and want to see something new, take a weekend trip to Montevideo! Since there are many long weekends in Argentina due to public ‘ feriados’ or days off, why not spend some time in the beautiful capital of Uruguay? Almost half of Uruguay’s inhabitants live in Montevideo. The cost of living is high, but as a ‘tourist’ you will experience that the prices of souvenirs etc. are a lot lower compared to tourist attractions such as Punta del Este (most expensive) and Colonia (second most expensive). What to do in Montevideo? Keep on reading to find out some of the nicest things that Montevideo has to offer. (more…)

Five things you must know before arriving to Buenos Aires

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5 dingen die je moet weten voordat je naar Buenos Aires komt

If you’ve registered for Spanish course at AMAUTA Buenos Aires, you might now be preparing for your trip to Argentina. This list of Five Things you Need to Know before Arriving to Buenos Aires might be helpful.

  • Bring a lot of cash

I can imagine that many travellers don’t want to carry too many cash. I thought exactly the same before arriving here in Buenos Aires but I can honestly say that I should’ve carried more. Try to bring enough for your whole stay! Any currency will do, but US dollars are best. Euros are fine as well. (more…)

Shopping in Buenos Aires: the best shopping tips

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Winkelen in Buenos Aires: de beste winkel tips

Buenos Aires is a small piece of heaven for those who love to shop. You can shop till you drop in the Argentine capital that has thousands of stores at your disposal.  Some prices compare with those in Europe or USA but others are definitely lower.

Not all our Spanish students have a big budget for shopping but no worry, here in Buenos Aires it is great fun to just visit the stores as they take you to the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires making it a great way to explore the city of Buenos Aires. Every shop seem to have its own style and every neighborhood, its own kind of shops. So grap your Buenos Aires city map or open the Buenos Aires app on your smart phone and here we go. We’ll reveal some of the city’s nicest shopping secrets.


Highly Recommended Weekend Trip for Students: The Iguazu Waterfalls!

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weekend naar de Iguazu Watervallen!

I have been learning Spanish in Buenos Aires now for several months, since I’m doing an internship here in Argentina. I love Buenos Aires and I have already seen a lot of amazing things in this country.
Last weekend, however I returned from a trip to truly unique lanmark. The sounds, the colors, the huge expanse it is a combination of everything, which make this waterfall unique.I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy this quantity of liters and liters of water falling. It is obviously why the Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven World Wonders, together with Machu Picchu in Peru, among others.

Our trip left the buzzing city of Buenos Aires and after approximatly 18 hours we arrived at 12:00 pm at our hostel in Iguazu. This is when we really felt we were on a short vacation; after several months of (big) city life, our nice hostel with a large pool in the middle of the impressive flora and fauna and in full silence, were the ideal background. (more…)

Visiting the Oktoberfest in Argentina

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Every year many Argentineans and tourists in Argentina come together in a small village in the mountains in Cordoba, called “Villa General Belgrano”, to celebrate the National Beer Festival. This typical German village in Central Argentina was founded in the 30s by two Germans, Jorge and Paul Kappuhn Heintze. Villa General Belgrano looks like an authentic alpine village, with houses with red gabled roofs, colorful gardens and plenty of wood.

When me and my German friend planned to go to Córdoba for a weekend during my Spanish course in Buenos Aires, we found out about that the German National Beer Festival – the Oktoberfest – would be celebrated here, in Villa General Belgrano. From Buenos Aires, it takes an 8 hour bus drive to get to Villa General Belgrano.

The mysterious way to the Cerro Fitz Roy

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De mysterieuze weg naar Cerro Fitz Roy

They call it one of the most difficult mountains to climb, because of its knife-shaped form, but hiking around this beautiful mountain in southern Argentina is really value for money. ‘Cerro Fitz Roy’ (named after the captain of “HMS The Beagle”) or also named ‘Cerro Chaltén’ is only a three-hour flight plus a three-hour bus ride away from Buenos Aires. Perfect for a three/four-day excursion during or after your Spanish studies at AMAUTA Spanish Buenos Aires!


The best 5 Buenos Aires Apps

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Titel: De 5 beste Buenos Aires Apps

Arriving in Buenos Aires as a Spanish student you might feel a bit lost and overwhelmed by this big city. Of course the AMAUTA Student Service Coordinator can help you out. No question is crazy enough for our staff in Argentina. Also the host mum of your host family can tell you more about the ins and outs of Buenos Aires. Or, if you are not living with a host family but in the student residence in Buenos Aires, your fellow students are always willing to answer your questions. Getting prepared also involves a lot of reading about Buenos Aires. This link: Once ready to get your volunteer project or Spanish classes in Buenos Aires started and explore the city on your own, there are a number of apps that will help you making your stay in Buenos Aires as pleasant as possible.

* BA Cómo llego:

This application shows how you can move from a to b with every possible way of transportation: train, bus, subway, car, bicycle and walking. Recommended!

* Buenos Aires City Guide (TripAdvisor)

This is an application that will guide you through Buenos Aires. You will find restaurants, attractions, hotels and more in this app. A great thing about this app is that it can also be used offline. It shows exactly where you are and if you are close to a good restaurant for instance.

Great trip for students: visit the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate

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Een geweldige trip voor studenten: bezoek de Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate

After hearing many enthusiastic stories about the extraordinary natural phenomenon of Perito Moreno, me and Vincent, both doing our internship at AMAUTA Spanish School Buenos Aires, decided to travel to the south of Argentina , to El Calafate. This cute little town is home to one of the most impressive glaciers worldwide: el Perito Moreno. El Calafate has become a very popular tourist destination in Argentina since the opening of their international airport. Not only for young backpackers and travelers, but also for Argentineans and travelers from other Latin-American countries. No wonder, because this is something you won’t find in many other places around the world, especially not with the current climate changes. This makes the Perito Moreno one of the most stunning sites in South America.

Breathtaking: visit the Water Falls of Iguazú

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Adembenemend: bezoek de Watervallen van Iguazú

It was April 13th, the big day had come. I would finally visit the natural world wonder that everyone describes as “Amazing” and lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Most of the people I met at Spanish classes in Buenos Aires and during my internship here, already went there and I had not heard one negative opinion about the famous Iguazu Waterfalls. Traveling by VIP Cama Suite (the most luxurious touring car) was also on my to-do-list for Argentina, so I decided that this 18-hour trip to the north of Argentina would be the perfect opportunity. It takes a bit more, but is definitely worth it.