Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons in Cusco with a full cultural immersion experience. Step outside of the Spanish classroom to live the Peruvian life and culture and explore Peru.

During or after your Spanish lessons in Cusco, you can volunteer in Peru: make new friends, improve your Spanish and give back to the amazing Peruvian community.

We keep you posted about what’s going on at our Spanish School in Peru and provide you with tips to learn Spanish, how to make most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, how to prepare for your trip to Peru, Peruvian cuisine or festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.


Quick Guide to Cusco´s Tourist Ticket

Quick Guide to Cusco’s Tourist Ticket There are many impressive things to see and do in and around Cusco. This makes Cusco such a great destination for Spanish courses in Peru. Cusco, the old capital of the Inca Empire, offers great options for trekking and […]


Heading from Cusco to Puno and Lake Titicaca

Heading from Cusco to Puno and Lake Titicaca After having spent almost five months (!) in Cusco learning Spanish, it was time to go on a new adventure. Together with a friend from home, who had just joined me, I decided to head to Puno. […]


5 Insiders tips: How to handle your money in Peru

5 Insiders tips: How to handle your money in Peru Living and travelling in Peru is interesting in many ways. Not just does the country offer plenty of touristic attractions, daily life itself also works a bit different than at home. When you have chosen […]


Getting used to the public transport in Peru

As a student studying Spanish in Cusco I noticed that taking local buses in Peru is not like taking a bus at home. In my home country buses are expected to leave on time, to not take too many people on board and to stop […]


What’s next: The Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo

There have already been so many amazing and colorful celebrations in Cusco during the month of June, like for instance Inti Raymi. But we are not ready yet with the upcoming Festival in the Andean Village of Paucartambo: the Virgen del Carmen. For Spanish students, […]


Unique tour to the Inca Bridge of Q´eswachaka

All the students and volunteers here at AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru will soon have the chance to experience one of the most unique and interesting cultural festivals near Cusco. Because next week we plan a weekend tour to the festival of the Q´eswachaka Bridge. […]


Escape the city of Cusco (Peru) and relax in peaceful Ollantaytambo

After a few weeks of Spanish course in Cusco, some of our students are looking for a nice and quit weekend get-away. If you are looking for some ‘tranquilidad’ and you like to visit a typical Peruvian village at the countryside, away from the daily […]


Chocolatada for Peruvian kids with volunteers in Cusco

Chocolatada for Peruvian kids with volunteers in Cusco As a Spanish students in Cusco you will see that during the month of December, many public and private institutions in Cusco as well as other organizations organize Christmas Events out of solidarity with the less fornutate. […]