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Great experience Spanish and Volunteer Buenos Aires

Thursday October 24, 2013 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Spaans en Vrijwilligerwerk in Buenos Aires: een geweldige ervaring

Helping people and making a difference in their lives is something that’s very important and inspiring to me which is why I participate in the AMAUTA Volunteer Program in Buenos Aires.” – says volunteer  Cassandra Lord


Most people are motivated by the same reasons when asked why they come to volunteer and learn Spanish in Argentina. The beautiful city of Buenos Aires offers different options for people who are interested in spending time volunteering, from social to cultural, to ecological or educational projects.

Why volunteering in Buenos Aires?

First of all there is the motivation to give something back to society, to make a difference in the lives of people that need you at that particular moment. They have a need to make the world a better place, even on a small scale. Doing volunteer work in Argentina is also a great opportunity to immerse in the culture by living and working in Buenos Aires; also a great way to practice your Spanish while socializing simultaneously. Last but not least, you can gain important working experience abroad and add value to your Curricula Vitae.


Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Spanish and volunteering in Buenos Aires


Spanish classes in Buenos Aires

Many volunteers start with a Spanish course in Buenos Aires first, depending on their level of Spanish proficiency upon arrival in Argentina. Those first weeks of Spanish studies wil not only help you to speak Spanish to the locals and improve your listening skills. The classes also help acclimation; explore the city of Buenos Aires, become accustomed to Argentine society while also learning how to use the public transportation system.


“I love my volunteer work”

Australian native Casandra Lord is one of the volunteers in Buenos Aires right now. “I love my volunteer work” the first thing that Cassandra states when I ask about her stay here. Cassandra is helping in an orphanage in Buenos Aires and she is placed with babies up to 3 year olds. She loves to play with and help the kids, giving them some of the love and attention they need.


Volunteer work in Argentina


It’s an amazing feeling to see the children enjoying their childhood, they mostly come from poor families and don’t have toys to play with or even warm clothes to wear. Just being there and giving them a lot of attention is an amazing feeling.

Casandra already had experience working with children before coming to Buenos Aires. In Australia she works part time while she studying teaching. The only thing that posed some trouble was the language barrier. “It’s really important that you can speak Spanish when working here. Every day I learn a little bit more at the same time that I help with the children; it’s a unique combination of giving and receiving” she says. “I”m very happy here and on top of this great experience, I’m also meeting a lot of new people. I will carry this experience with me the rest of my life”.


Volunteer work in Buenos Aires





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  1. Anna

    Volunteer work is the best thing you can do! Doing something instead of giving money all the time. This blog really inspired me to do it as well. Indeed, I think Cassandra did a great job!


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