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Help us Build a Playground as an AMAUTA Volunteer

Friday May 13, 2016 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Planning a playground as a Amauta Volunteer

Help us Build a Playground as an AMAUTA Volunteer
AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru offers the unique opportunity to Volunteer and learn the Spanish language while immersed in Peruvian culture.

Taking part in the AMAUTA Volunteer Program in Cusco you have the unique opportunity to live and work in Peru! As a Volunteer you experience the rich, cultural diversity of the country while contributing to the Peruvian society and bridge the gap between foreign visitors and locals. AMAUTA partners with over 30 different projects, including schools, NGO’s, hospitals, orphanages etc in Cusco. Volunteer are welcome throughout the year and can start their Spanish course and volunteer placement any Monday throughout the year.

Planning a Playground as a AMAUTA Volunteer

Special Volunteer Opportunity

In July 2016, we are planning a unique volunteer experience you can participate in: we are going to build a playground!
One of our local volunteer projects is in need of a playground. They currently have an old playground set-up, but it is broken, rusty, and not safe to play on. The project is in need of a group of volunteers to come and do maintenance on their old playground, and also construct an additional part.
Help us to make this happen and come to Peru in June or July 2016 and help us build this playground!

Planning a Playground as a AMAUTA Volunteer

When, where and how much?

We start on July 11th, 2016
The total duration of the program is three weeks and includes one week of Spanish classes, cultural activities, 3 weeks of accommodation, 2 meals daily and the volunteer placement including guidance, assistance, all for USD $ 930

A donation to the project of USD $ 125 in order to re-construct the playground is included in this price.
AMAUTA punts another USD $ 100 for every volunteer that registers!
Just leave us your name and email below here (orange button) and write “Playground”!
We will send you the info and tell you how to participate.

Planning a Playground as a AMAUTA Volunteer

More about the project

The project we are talking about is part of an after-school program in Cusco that serves between 25-40 children daily. It is headed up by a pastor and his wife, who started the organization 13 years ago. Their goal was to provide a safe place for children to come and learn, grow, and develop relationships within the community. It operates from Tuesday through Friday, starting at 4:00 pm and ending at 6:00 pm. They have specific activities for each day, ranging from sports days to English days to cooking class, etc. The project is located on the outskirts of the city with an amazing view of Cusco and the glorious surrounding mountains.

The coordinators offer volunteers lots of support and encouragement throughout their time volunteering there. The children are friendly and so excited to have volunteers to play with. One of our recent volunteers, Regina Thommen, volunteered at CORASON for 8 weeks. She says of her experience: ´´I felt welcome and had good instructions. For me it was a really nice time. The kids are great and so thankful for everything. I hope to come back someday.´´

Planning a Playground as a AMAUTA Volunteer

Furthermore, volunteering at this AMAUTA Project gives you the opportunity to get to know the local people. This will allow you to learn about their customs and share some of your own culture with them. You will also be able to practice your Spanish, especially with the kids, who are always very forgiving with foreigners who are practicing their language skills.

Please come join us in this endeavor to help us re-construct the playground of this project. The kids, along with the leaders of the day-care institution and AMAUTA, will be so happy to have your help!

Planning a Playground as a AMAUTA Volunteer

If you are interested, please contact us
(just write “playground” and we send get you the info) or send us an mail leave a message on Facebook.

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